Culture in Colorado

Colorado Culture

The cultural landscape of Colorado is rich with colorful personalities, abundance of history and artwork. The tales from the time around the gold rush of 1800s to the contemporary art forms of the current era make for a rich cultural tapestry that makes for the culture in Colorado.

Colorado’s cultural heritage is preserved and showcased in the many museums that dot this state. Denver has a number of museums and art galleries. The Denver Art Museum has a collection of rare native arts of America numbering to more than 16000 artifacts from over 100 tribes. The Black American West Museum & Heritage Center is another unique center that exhibits the memorabilia from black American who were pioneers in their field.

There is also the Mizel Museum dedicated to the Jewish people of America. In addition to describing the Jewish culture and religion, this museum is a center for display of multiple cultures that weave the country together. The museum conducts a unique multicultural educational program called the ‘bridges of understanding’. This program includes celebrating ceremonies, rites and festivals of various cultures that form a part of the country. These festivals showcase crafts, artifacts and related educational programs of African, Asian, Muslim, Jewish, Indian, Hispanic and Muslims. The museum also conducts group and family tours.

The history of Colorado shows that the original inhabitants of this region were the Anasazi Indians. They were ancient cliff dwellers who entered the Spanish explorers looking for gold then moved on to southwards. As a result even today one can see the glimpses of this history in the Indian jewelry and Mexican restaurants that have formed the culture of the place. In 1806, Lieutenant Zebulon Pike discovered what is today known as Pike’s Peak. The Gold Rush of 1858 brought in many settlers into the state and subsequently led to its statehood in the year 1861. The Colorado of today thus is a culmination of many years of history and has seen many settlers who came, lived and left their culture and some people behind.

Another major part of the culture in Colorado in the 21st century is the food and wine festivals held here. Boulder is the food capital of Colorado. Colorado provides the optimum climate for growing grapes and hence has the best vineyards in the country. Some of the best wines are produced here. Due to its rich history, the culture in Colorado has a lot of traditional and folk music ingrained. The orchestras and music venues here are a testimony to the music lovers of this place. Many poets have been inspired by the natural beauty of this state and produced some great masterpieces inspired by the Rocky Mountains and the Pike’s Peak.