Culture in Alaska

The state:

Alaska, the biggest state of USA has rich cultural prominence which dates back to thousands years. This climatically challenged state has very well blended itself in the rich past and the modern present. It is said that about 20,000 years ago the first humans arrived in Alaska from Siberia. But the people who made Alaska their home came around 10,000 years ago. They are the Native Alaskans who have descendants even today.

The people and culture:

Whites form the majority in Alaska. While some are European descendants the others have come in modern time in search of fortune. Many Europeans had come to Alaska for gold rush which started in July 1897. Many Russians had come to Yukon in search of gold though only 30,000 could make it to Yukon. Alaskan natives and American Indians form the second largest group there. There are again various divisions among the American Indians. Each group is culturally and linguistically unique and their culture has been formed as a result of both their geographical locations and their intermingling with European descendants. The natives constitute roughly 15percent of population and till this day they maintain their age old traditions like whaling, subsistence hunting, fishing, arts and crafts. Places like Ketchikan, Anchorage, Kotzebue and many other villages are witnesses to the preserved culture even today.


The export of gold, fish, timber, oil, fur by Alaska has attracted many to the state the result of which is a population boom with diverse background of people. Anchorage is the capital and largest city which in every aspect can compete with any bigger American or European city with its modern architecture and infrastructure.


In terms of religion, Alaskans are mostly followers of Roman Catholic Church and Southern Baptists though the Russian influence in the state which has led to many Orthodox Church. But surprisingly more than 50percent Alaskans do not consider themselves part of any group.


Food lovers would get to taste many regional delicacies most of which are seafood specialties where Crab, salmon, halibut are abundantly eaten there. Visitors enjoy traditional treats like blueberry pie and sourdough pancakes. The locals of Alaska are friendly and welcoming people. They take care of each other and are happy to welcome the visitors in their state

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