Cruise to Nowhere

Cruise to Nowhere Information

Cruise to nowhere is a cruise that starts from a particular port or nowhere in specific and then returns at a particular time to the same port from where it has departed. These are voyages that just go out to sea, beginning and ending in the same port and going nowhere else.

What is Cruise to Nowhere

A cruise to nowhere is a great experience of cruising for first-time cruise passengers. It's is also cherished as the ideal way of gateway for a couple of days and enjoy being waited on like royalty.

A cruise to nowhere can be a great sail for the avid cruise lovers who aren’t worried about spending time in several cruise ports but still want to enjoy the solitude and peace of being at sea.

As these Cruises to Nowhere are usually at sea for a small periods of time, generally one or two nights, and are free from paying docking fees for other ports, it makes the cruise quite affordable.

A cruise devoid of ports of call doesn't virtually go anywhere-in fact, ships on these types of cruises head out to sea to a destination where opening on board stores and casinos is not illegal, and passengers can enjoy their time on the ship enjoying all the amenities and activities without being objected by port preparations and time in the dock. The ships sails silently along a looping course that brings them back to their initial departure of cruise port, after having offered a night or two of non-stop fun.

Lack of destination ports does not make this ‘Cruise to Nowhere’ any less adventurous than a longer voyage that passes many different islands or countries. Actually, during a port-less cruise, there are generally a big variety of cruise activities available to entertain cruisers and allow them to experience all the fun of a cruise vacation.

Popular Activities Include:

  • Game show style contests
  • Great dining and themed buffets
  • Pool games like sexy leg, belly flop, or hairy chest contests
  • Art auctions
  • Sports competitions
  • Music and dance in several genres
  • Movies and nightly concerts encompassing revues, comedians, magicians, and more
  • Casino gaming lessons
  • Tours of prohibited areas like the bridge, galley, or engineering decks
  • Craft, dance lessons, and educational lectures
  • Fitness classes and spa facilities

The actual activities offered differ immensely depending on the cruise line, particular ship, and the length of the cruise. Because these specialized cruises are basically much shorter than others.Passengers wouldn’t be able to enjoy everything they might get on a longer getaway but they will have an idea of the broad sampling of what the ship offers.

Cruises to Cruise To Nowhere

Departing From Ports of Call Ship Name
2 Day
New York, NY New York, NY; Fun Day At Sea; New York, NY Carnival Miracle
Norfolk, VA Norfolk, VA; Fun Day At Sea; Norfolk, VA Carnival Glory
3 Day
San Diego, CA San Diego, CA; Fun Day At Sea; Fun Day At Sea; Vancouver, Bc, Canada Carnival Spirit
Vancouver, Bc, Canada Vancouver, Bc, Canada; Fun Day At Sea; Fun Day At Sea; Los Angeles (San Pedro), CA Carnival Spirit