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The Republic of Croatia, widely known as Croatia is a European country that spreads over an area of 56,594 square kilometres. As per the recent estimate the population of the country is 4,290,612. Croatian is the official language. Zagreb is the largest city and the capital of the country. The neighbouring countries include Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Hungary. Among the 47 countries of Europe Croatia occupies the 26th position with respect to both population and area. Croatia is well known for its national parks.

Croatia Lakes

Baćina lakes, Blue Lake, Bundek, Lake Dubrava, Jarun Lake, Vransko lake, Lake Lapovac, Peruća Lake, Petnja, Plitvice Lakes, Prokljansko jezero, Red Lake, Šoderica, Šumbar Lake, Lake Varaždin and Lake Vrana are the major lakes in Croatia. Vransko Lake that stretches over 30 square kilometres is the largest one among them. Lake Vrana is a fresh water lake. Lake Dubrava, Varaždin and Lake Peruča are artificial lakes. Croatia is well known for the Plitvice lakes, comprise of 16 lakes.

Croatia Rivers

28 major rivers of Croatia include Danube River, Neretva River, Cetina River, Krka River, Zrmanja River, Mirna River, Sava River, Drava River, Mura River, Vuka River, Kupa River, Una River, Bosut River, Lonja - Trebes River, Sutla River, Orljava River, Krapina River, Sunja River, Bednja River, Plitvica River, Korana River, Dobra River, Glina River, Odra River, Kupcina River, Cesma River, Ilova River and Mreznica River.

Croatia Mountains

The major mountain ranges of Croatia include Dinaric Mountains, the Medvednica Mountain and the Samobar Mountain range. Dinara that belongs to Dinaric Alps is the highest mountain in Croatia. It is 1,830 m high.
Croatia hosts 1,246 islands.

Croatia Islands

Cres, which covers an area of 405.70 square kilometres, is the largest island of Croatia. Krk is another major island. Smokvica Vela is the smallest island in Croatia with an area of 1.04 square kilometres.

croatia map
Map of Croatia