Costa Rica Travel

Have you ever visited a country, where the Mother Nature has showered everything a country needs whether it is ever green forests, mountains, water falls, wild life, flora and fauna and abundance of tranquility clubbed with nature, all in a small country like Republic of Costa Rica?

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To start exploring Costa Rica, you should first have an idea as to what is in store for a tourist in Costa Rica, its geographical advantages, attractions and economical data.

Republic of Costa Rica is situated in Central America, bordering Nicaragua, Panama, Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Nearly 65% of this beautiful country is on the sea-shore of a vast length of coastal line.

For a sample of Costa Rica peace loving nature of this Republic, you must know it is the very first country in the entire world to abolish its army, a practice no country can afford or even dare and maintains law and order domestically by its Police force.

A stable democratic constitution prevails for the last 59 years amidst the other violence-oriented Latin American countries. Their faith in democracy and upholding human rights incomparable with any other country is exhibited by the fact that this country has allowed and legalized the oldest industry on earth, Prostitution.

Sex tourism - people from all European countries coming to Costa Rica for this purpose is steadily on the increase, year after year. San Jose is the capital of Republic of Costa Rica. The population is 4.3 million - with a density of just 220 people per sq. mile. Spanish is the official language.

Freed from the clutches of Spaniards, the natives of Costa Rica called Mestizos consisting of 94% of the population including white Americans live in peace here. Geographically the mountainous region of Costa Rica consists of, apart from the inherentflora and fauna, volcanoes erupting molten lava.

The famous three of them are - Irazu of Cartago province accessible from San Jose easily, Poas of Alajuela province and the Arenal Volcano in the north-eastern region. Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock these places annually to have a glimpse of these silent devastators.

Costa Rica has everything to offer to every tourist

  • White sandy beaches with cool breeze for surfing
  • Scuba Diving
  • The highest peak Chirripo measuring 12,412 feet where one can see from the top on a clear-sky day, both Atlantic and Pacific oceans simultaneously
  • Thick forests for nature lovers to retreat peacefully for bird-watching, fishing or going in for safari to look out the wild life in their own places and so on
  • Excellent transportation facilities of rental cars, luxury busses or public transports.