Corporate Travel


The travel that is made for the purpose of business, keeping entertainment as a secondary motive is known as corporate travel. In most cases corporate traveling is financed by the corporations or the company under which the person makes a trip. Typically, the travel includes trip across the borders in the other countries for the betterment of the business or for signing a new contract. It is also known as Business Travel and is an advantage to the corporation financing the trip.

Business travel is commonly known to be as luxurious as well as time efficient. The most common destinations across the globe where business travels take place at all times are Hong Kong, New York City and London.

Many organizations have been developed on the basis of corporate travel, such as the National Business Travel Association (NBTA). Several factors are taken into account while planning a business trip and typically that depends on the size of the business. The factors include the selection hotels, airlines, car rentals, travel agents and others.


The selection of hotel is perhaps the most important and critical factor while planning a corporate travel. A number of sub factors are taken into account such as the location of the hotel from where the business would be easier to carry out, the quality of the hotel where the business delegate would stay during the trip and carry out the task and most importantly the cost of the hotel which depends on the first two factors. However, smaller corporations are known to emphasize more on the last factor regarding the selection of the hotel. Budget hotels and cheap lodgings are mostly preferred by these corporations. Business corporations often rely on the accommodation provided by the airline companies incase of a delay or cancellation of a flight, especially during an important trip to the overseas.

Air Travel

Typically corporate travel is done in the overseas and thus the selection of the appropriate airlines is also an important factor to consider before planning a major corporate travel. The preference of a particular airline company depends on the comfort, reliability and punctuality. However, smaller corporations who emphasize more on minimizing the cost can take several steps in order to lower down the expenses. Smaller corporations can book the tickets in advance in order to lower the fare of the travel, using the services of a single airline in order to enjoy certain discounts as being the regular customers and lastly they can travel using the budget airlines that are quite available now a day’s to reduce on the cost.

Car Rentals

The usage of cars can be mandatory for efficient and much easier business trip in the overseas. A number of car rental companies can be found in all the major hotels across the globe. However, car rentals can also be found on discount at times and are sometimes provided by thetravel agents, as selected by the specific corporation for their travel. Smaller businesses can make car rental confirmations in advance in order to enjoy discounts on them or the special discount coupons obtained from the travel agents which had been selected by the corporation for the travel.

Travel Agent

The selection of an appropriate travel agent is yet another important aspect before planning a corporate travel. The selection of a suitable travel agent can lead to significant discounts and better facilities in a business trip to the overseas. Smaller businesses in particular are more prone to rely heavily on thetravel agents before making overseas corporate travels. Nevertheless, a significant number of travel agencies have been seen to have established in the recent times. Most of the travel agencies have mutuality with the majorairline companies and the hotels, as a result they are able to provide better discounts on air tickets and hotels for their clients, in exchange of a fee. However, before an appropriate travel agency is chosen before a corporate trip, it should be ensured that the travel agency is well-equipped and computerized. Computerized travel agencies give their clients the best service possible and they provide automated reservation and ticketing services.