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Culture of Connecticut

The culture of Connecticut finds its essence in the age-old traditional aura that enriches the people of Connecticut. When you stroll along the town enjoying the pleasure of a fantastic summer evening, you are sure to get mesmerized with the pleasures that you feel, and the culture that is virtually evident at every place of Connecticut, be it the offerings of any arts, crafts or antiques festival or that beautiful maritime painting that hangs over the mantle, or the antique garden ornament that elegantly graces the back of the lily bed in that rose-garden. It is always an experience in itself to see the array of the intellectual taste and culture of Connecticut. Be a part of the entertainment and relish the local dishes and feel the flavor of Connecticut melt in you too.

Connecticut Cultural Roots

  • Connecticut has a very rich cultural history. It was one of those original thirteen colonies.

  • The southernmost state in today’s New England, Connecticut is the wealthiest state per capita in the whole country.

  • The city life is quite exciting with Connecticut having medium-sized cities with all the modern amenities of civilization. Nevertheless, the open stretches of the rural lands have their own versions of beauty, and lend Connecticut the innocent charm that complements its look.

  • However, the size of Connecticut is only the third smallest in the United States. For big city dwellers, the life and the pace of things in Connecticut may not seem excitingly fast, but Connecticut has its deep cultural roots firmly in place, and this is what the state can boast of.

  • Many souvenirs of the past have been preserved carefully in the Museum of Connecticut History. The Museum is a very important part of the Connecticut State Library in the state capital of Hartford.

  •  Inside the Supreme Court building, there is a memorial hall which includes a rich collection of portraits of the governors of Connecticut till date.

  • The Connecticut Library also has a collection of important documents of the past that helped in the shaping of Connecticut, where it stands today. The Royal Charter of 1662, which speaks of the history of the establishment of the British colony of Connecticut, is to be found here. The original copies of the Constitutions of 1818 and 1964 can be seen here as well. The museum also has numerous exhibits of the past that speak of the colonial and the early statehood days of Connecticut.

Connecticut Festivals

  • Cinefest Fairfield – As the name suggests, the Connecticut Cinefest Fairfield is an annual film festival specifically organized by the students and faculties of the Fairfield University of Connecticut. This festival is being regularly observed since 2005, and growing popular with every passing year. The Department of Visual and Performing Arts sponsors this program.

  • Connecticut Agricultural Fair - The Connecticut Agricultural Fair is held every year in the last weekend of July. The venue is the Goshen Fairgrounds in Goshen, and continues for three days.

  • Festival of Arts and Ideas - The International Festival of Arts and Ideas is held in New Haven Green annually every summer. It commences in mid-June and continues for fifteen days.

  • Film Fest New Haven - The Film Fest New Haven (FFNH) is an annual film festival featuring premieres and screenings of films made by filmmakers around the world

  • Four Town Fair - The Four Town Fair is an agricultural exhibition held annually in September in Somers.

  • Litchfield Jazz Festival - The Litchfield Jazz Festival was born in 1996 at the White Memorial Conservation Center in the Litchfield Hills. It moved to the Kent School in Kent in 2009.

  • New Haven Underground Film Festival - The New Haven Underground Film Festival is held in Connecticut annually. Strangely, despite its name, it has been never held in New Haven.

  • Norwalk Oyster Festival - The Norwalk Oyster Festival is an annual fair that takes place on the first weekend after Labor Day in Veterans Park in Norwalk.

  • Trinity International Hip Hop Festival - The Trinity International Hip Hop Festival, which is specially designed to promote an international understanding of Hip Hop, is a music festival that brings together Hip Hop artists from all the places around the globe. It has been held annually at Trinity College in Hartford since the year 2006.

Connecticut Accents

As of the 2000 census, we can have a clear picture of the languages spoken in Connecticut from the table below:




5 years and above 3,184,514 100
People who speak English 2,600,601 81.7
People who speak a language other than English 583,913 18.3
Spanish 268,044 8.4
Italian 50,891 1.6
French 42,947 1.3
French Creole  7,856 0.2
Polish 38,492 1.2
Portuguese 30,667 1.0
Chinese 15,782 0.5
German 14,310 0.4
Other Indo-European languages 11,978 0.4
Greek 9445 0.3
Russian 8,807 0.3
Vietnamese 6598 0.2

Important Movie Theatres in Connecticut

  • Cinestudio
  • Fairfield Community Theatre
  • York Square Cinema

Connecticut Literature

  • The history of literature is aglow with the contributions of mark Twain, who lived here. "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" is one of his most famous works.

  • Jonathan Edwards, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman were other important writers who hailed from Connecticut and contributed a lot to the world literature.

Connecticut Sports

New Haven of Connecticut has a very special history in sports and had been the home to a lot of professional baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer teams including The New York Giants of the National Football League.

Connecticut Media

The most popular newspapers in Connecticut are:

  1. Danbury News-Times
  2. Waterbury Republican-American
  3. Willimantic Chronicle
  4. East Haven Courier
  5. Manchester Journal Inquirer
  6. Groton Times
  7. Meriden Record Journal
  8. Norwalk Citizen etc.


Connecticut Cuisine

  • The most popular delicacy of Connecticut is a pizza, a special white clam pie.

  • Equally favorite among the local delicacies are shad and shadbakes and grinders.

  •  New Haven claims to be the birthplace of the hamburger sandwich at Louis' Lunch in 1900.

  • However, Italian cuisine is a special favorite in the New Haven area, while southeastern Connecticut specializes in fish dishes.

  • The Hasty pudding is relished among the people, particularly during Thanksgiving.