Night life in Colorado

Night Life in Colorado

Night life in the major cities of Colorado is quite vibrant and keeps the pulse of the city beating. Colorado’s capital Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder County offer many options for the party animals.

Night Life in Denver

The pubs and discos in Denver are some of the most sophisticated in the state. The top end ones offer many customized options to the night club frequenters. Pub hopping is a favorite pass time of the young and the old of this city. The top night clubs in the city are:

Beta Night Club

is known for its spacious dance house and bar house

La Rumba

features Salsa dances and foot tapping music mixes.


is one of the most popular night joints that cater to the gay community of the city.

Mynt Lounge

is known for its dressy visitors and the lip smacking mojitos, this lounge is the classiest of the lot.

Bar Standard

is a vintage style bar that houses a good dance floor and lovely retro music collections.

Night life in Colorado Springs

In addition to its popularity for golfing, Colorado Springs is also known for its exciting night life. Here are a few well known night clubs in Colorado Springs.

Rum Bay

is a popular dance club with multiple dance floors and a unique blend of music.

Broad-moor Tavern

is a lovely pub for dance, music and great sea food.

The Underground

is an old pub that hosts very famous rock bands and is popular for its mix of tequila shots and trance music.

Frankie’s Bar & Grill

is the ultimate sports bar in Colorado Springs. It combines food, pool tables and live sports aired on TV.


are another popular dance club with karaoke music, full buffets and dance classes during weekends.

Night life in Boulder

The coolest town in Colorado, Boulder is known for its chilled out atmosphere and fantastic nightclubs. Here is a list of the top night clubs in boulder.

Catacombs Bar

is a basement pub that combines good food and pool tables along with dance and music.

Sundown Salon

is another cool basement locale for experiencing the night life of boulder.  The bar serves many local brews that have a distinct taste to them.

Club 156

is on the university campus and is full of young crowds. It is a fun place to hang out with friends and experience the superb acoustics and lighting that highlight this bar.