Nation Park in Colorado

National Park in Colorado

Colorado has four of the best National parks in the USA. The following is a list of the Nation Park in Colorado

List of Colorado State Parks

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Great Sand Dunes National Park

The Park is excellent for its outdoor activities such as hiking right up to the tip of the dunes and then slide down with a sandboard. Home to the tallest sand dunes in the USA, the park offers diverse landscapes from grasslands to tundra and alpine to conifer forests to wetlands. Swimming at the Medano creek is a great experience, so also the bird watching, camping, biking, hiking and skiing or sledging on the sand dunes.

Gunnison National Park

Lovely hiking trails dotted with breath-taking sceneries of the Black Canyon situated in this park.  It provides great sites for viewing wildlife and fishing for trout. Expert rock climbers throng this site for the ultimate challenges thrown open by its narrow jagged edged cliffs.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Thanks to its scenic beauty and abundant wildlife, this nation park in Colorado is the right place for the nature enthusiast. The Bear Lake is all open for you to explore and enjoy. The landscape here ranges from craggy mountains to grasslands and lush green valleys. Camping, hiking and wildlife trails are the main activities that attract visitors during summer months.

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Mesa Verde National Park

Home to the ancient and prehistoric dwellings which date back to the 1500 BC, this park is a store house of undiscovered stories. The facilities at the park include guided tours to archeological sites. The park is open to visitors throughout the year.