Monuments in Colorado

Monuments in Colorado

Colorado is home to many national monuments. The monuments in Colorado are ideal adventure spots for all archeology enthusiasts. The following are 6 national monuments in Colorado:

Canyon of the Ancients National Monuments:

The monument is a great archeological site that houses the remains of the pre-Puebloan people of 1500 BC. This heritage site has the Anasazi heritage center with exhibits of the excavations on display and Lowry Pueblo – a recreation centre developed with all basic amenities. There is also the Painted hand Pueblo and the Sand canyon Pueblo that are remains of prehistoric settlements.

Colorado National Monument:

The monument can be reached by road through the Rim road drive that offers 19 overlooks and many picnic spots with camping allowed in the range. Hiking and biking are the main attractions of this spot.

Dinosaur National Monument:

The monument conserves dinosaurs that once roamed in this area. The monument is a nature lover’s paradise which is now open to public after 5 years of closure. The remains of these huge creatures can still be found embedded in the rocks of this place.

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument:

Located in central Colorado, this valley has a diverse spread of fossil deposits. Fossils of plants, insects and the petrified redwood stumps are all a part of its rich prehistoric landscape. The park has many ranger led trails and kid’s programs during summer.

Hovenweep National Monument:

The monument protects 6 prehistoric Puebloan villages along the Utah-Colorado border. This is a great site for field trips organized for school.

Yucca House National Monument:

The monument is located in the southwestern Colorado and houses unexcavated prehistoric sites. Currently, there is only a temporary visitor centre while the permanent one is in the making.