Colorado Destinations

Colorado Destinations: Places to Go

Colorado is situated in the western region of the United States of America. The southern Rocky Mountains and the northern Colorado Plateau and the Great Planes on the West complete all the different terrains in the state. The name Colorado was originated from the Spanish language as the earth color in the state is red. The wide spread mountain ranges and the valleys decorate the state with some breathtaking natural beauty. There is every form of terrain in the state which will help you explore and learn the beauty of the nature. Some of the major Colorado destinations are Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Centennial and Lakewood. These cities are considered to be the major attractions for the tourists who come to Colorado. The wildlife and the natural beauty is an unavoidable sight for every tourist.

Colorado Places to Go

Colorado is filled with destinations where couple and family can enjoy. There is a completely different world which is present in these hilly lands of the state. The scenic beauty of the state is bound to sweep you off your feet and enjoy the calmness which is seldom experienced in the city life. Some of the most exclusive cuisines can be experienced in the state and also activities which will make you hungry. Skiing, sleds and sleighs are some of the best activities in winter which you can enjoy here. Cosmopolitan cities are also present all across the state where you can spend time enjoying the music and clubbing. Shopping is not at all a problem for those who are inclined to having the latest stuff in the market. To help you prepare your travel itinerary to Colorado here are some suggestions.

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods Park is a naturally formed rock garden where the ancient sedimentary beds were formed due to the past seas and mountain uplifting. The park initially belonged to Charles Elliot Perkins whose children later donated it to the Colorado Springs. There was no entrance fee but later for taking care of the park and protecting it from various forms of disasters the administration started collecting entrance fee. The rocky formations and the greenery surrounding it is a perfect place to capture pictures. Horseback riding and trekking are some of the most common activities in this park. In the last 15 years around $1.6 million were donated to the conservation of the park.

Garden of the Gods Location El Paso County, Colorado, USA
Garden of the Gods Nearest City Colorado Springs, ColoradoNearest city: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Garden of the Gods Coordinates 38°52′04″N 104°53′28″W
Garden of the Gods Area 3,300 acres (1,300 ha)
Garden of the Gods Established 1909 Established: 1909
Garden of the Gods Governing Body Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mesa Verde National Park

The Mesa Verde National park which is located in the Montezuma county Colorado was created way back in the 1906. It was created to protect some of the best cliff dwellings in the world. This location comes under the UNESCO world heritage site. The 81.4 square miles park is one of the biggest national parks in Colorado. It has become a famous Colorado destination since it was recognized by the UNESCO organization. The amazing cliff dwellings which were set up by the Spaniards are sure to catch your imagination by surprise.

Mesa Verde National Park Location Montezuma County, Colorado
United States
North America
Mesa Verde National Park Nearest City CortezNearest city: Cortez
Mesa Verde National Park Coordinates 37°11′02″N 108°29′19″W
Mesa Verde National Park Area 52,121.93 acres (21,093.00 ha)
51,890.65 acres (20,999.40 ha) federal
Mesa Verde National Park Established 1906-06-29 Established: 1906-06-29
Mesa Verde National Park Visitors 557,248 (in 2006)
Mesa Verde National Park Governing Body National Park Service

Royal Gorge Bridge

Canon city is the host of the Royal Gorge Bridge which is an architectural marvel.  The bridge which hangs about 955 feet above the Arkansas River is one of the most visited destinations of Colorado. The suspension bridge was built in 1929 and was considered the highest bridge till 2003. It has a wooden walk way which is formed by 1292 planks. There are many attractions which are surrounding the Royal Gorge Bridge.

Royal Gorge Bridge Location: crosses the Arkansas River in Fremont County, Colorado
Royal Gorge Bridge Nearest City: Cañon City
Royal Gorge Bridge Coordinates: 38.46167°N 105.325°W
Royal Gorge Bridge Built: 1929
Royal Gorge Bridge Architectural Style(s): Suspension bridge
Royal Gorge Bridge Added to NRHP: September 2, 1983
Royal Gorge Bridge NRHP Reference#: 83001303

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Park is situated in the north central region of Colorado. The national park has an amazing collection of wildlife animals and also the rocky mountain sets. Trail Ridge Road is the most driven road by the visitors. You can set up your own camp and have a very pleasant camping period in this site. Mountaineering and rock climbing are some of the favorite activities of the visitors in this region. Cross country skiing and snowshoeing are also under taken by most of the visitors.