Top Beaches in Colorado

Colorado is a land locked state and hence cannot boast of any real coastal beaches. However, the river Colorado has many sandy beaches along its shores and so do the lakes and reservoirs in this area. Some of the well known beaches in Colorado are listed below:

Bear Creek Lake Beach:

Bear Creek Lake Beach

In addition to being a swimming beach this one has a park attached to it that supports variety of birds and waterfowl. Boating, picnic sites, water sports like kayaking and hiking make this a perfect spot for a summer holiday.

Lake Loveland Swim Beach:

Lake Loveland Swim Beach

The beach offers many recreational facilities for a perfect family outing. One can view the Rocky Mountains in all their splendor and swim at the beach. The beach also features a park train, playgrounds, amphitheatre and some fishing spots too.

Boyd Lake Beach:

Boyd Lake Beach

The beach offers access to water sports all through the year.Water-skiing, surfing, sailing and fishing are some of the attractions of this beach.

Surprise Beach:

Surprise Beach

Located on Lake Granby, this is the beach along one of the largest reservoirs in Colorado. Wildlife sightings in the back drop of blue green waters is what attracts tourists to this location. White water rafting, skiing, and exclusive fishing sites are the activities on this beach.

Lake Pueblo Beach:

Lake Pueblo Beach

The beach is set among the alpine peaks and bordered with limestone cliffs. Boating, skiing and other water sports are the main attraction of this site.

Jackson Lake Beach:

Jackson Lake Beach

The Lake houses 2 beaches that are nice and sandy, apt for swimming and water sports.

Bonney Lake Beach:

Bonney Lake Beach

Set in the plains of the prairies, this is a good swimming beach equipped with all modern facilities.

Steamboat Lake Beach:

Steamboat Lake Beach

The beach is an ideal fishing site and well equipped with camping sites and well marked swimming areas.