Clipper Cruise Lines

History of Clipper Cruise Line

St. Louis-businessman Barney Ebsworth established Clipper Cruise Line in the year 1982. An affiliate of INTRAV, the deluxe-voyage operator, Clipper is usually known for offering a wide vertical of domestic and international voyages.

Smaller Cruise Ships Invented

In September 1999, Clipper and its primary company, INTRAV, were taken over by Swiss-based Kuoni Travel Holding Ltd. Clipper cruise line sustained as an individual business entity in the marketplace.

Anticipating shooting demand for smaller cruise ships with least impact on the environment from the beginning, Clipper’s two U.S.-flagged cruise ships, the 100 capacity passenger Nantucket Clipper, built in 1984, and the 138 capacity passenger Yorktown Clipper, constructed in 1988, were crafted with the superficial draft and easy maneuverability required to offer access to isolated areas beyond the reach of other large cruise ships and mainstream tourism industry.

Sailing Through Far East to High Arctic

These ships sail a diverse selection of travel guidelines along the waterways of the America and in the Caribbean. To cater to the demand for itineraries further off the field, the 122-passenger excursion ship Clipper Adventurer, which starts from Europe to the High Arctic and to Antarctica, and the 128-passenger Clipper Odyssey, with routes in the Far East and Pacific, were incorporated to the fleet, offering a broad array of new voyages to the passengers.

Special Features of Clipper Cruise Line

All of Clipper's journeys are coupled with onboard naturalists, experts of several fields, selected for the specific destination. These lecturers add to the passengers' enjoyment of the places visited as the journeys emphasize on education and exploration, rather than fun and entertainment. Clipper cruise line is acknowledged for its comprehensive itineraries – carefully appointed small cruise ships, friendly and supporting crews, and top-notch cuisine  has been considered one of the top-ten cruise lines across the world for the past five years by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

Dress Code on Clipper

There are no formal dress codes on Clipper, and no regular newsletter elucidating you where and when to show up for a demonstration of napkin-folding. You can dine with whom you are comfortable at a single seating. In the cocktail hour, you will be headed for one of the ship's lounges to talk with experts about your next port.

Other than one special dressy night, when men are supposed to wear blazers and ladies pantsuits, rest of the days the dressing is casual.

Clipper Cruise Line Fleets

  • Royal Clipper
  • Star Clipper
  • Star Clipper

Clipper Cruise Line Destinations

  • Northern Europe
  • The Caribbean
  • Costa-Rica & Panama Canal
  • Western Mediterranian
  • Eastern Mediterranian
  • Ocean Crossing