China Travel

China is a vast country situated in the eastern region in Asia. It is almost as big as the United States and contains a large number of states and cities within the country, making it diverse in language and culture. Beijing being the official capital of the country is the centre of all the trade and commerce of China. However, the country has in its store a countless number of sightseeing destinations that are historically, culturally and demographically rich and renowned for the immense natural beauty it offers.

China is the place where you can find the ethnicity, history as well as ,adventure for your next escapade abroad.

This is one dreamland for a perfect vacation where you can shop, travel, learn and appreciate the nature beauty and the ancient history within the country. Due to the incredible improvement in its economy, it is also evident to find the modern aura and the pace of the 21st century within China.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is perhaps the main reasons for the tourist to visit the country every year from all over the globe. This ancient monument has been listed as one of the greatest wonders of the world and it stretches through an extensive length across the country, making it accessible to visit from various destinations. The Great Wall is a long stretch of wall built by the different emperors who ruled the ancient China at different times in history. The first portion of the wall was constructed under the Qin Dynasty during 221 to 227 BC. It was built on the purpose of keeping away the enemies from the north from invading the lands. The parts of the Great Wall closest to the capital of Beijing, Badaling and Juyongguan are the most famous getaway to view its beauty and are mostly crowded by tourists. Hiking is the popular activity that can be done while you explore around the marvellous man-made wonder.

The Silk Road

The Silk Road in China has been a significant landmark since the ancient times and it has been noted to open provisions for trade between the east and west since early history. The Silk Road is the stretch of road that leads to the European hub from China. Nevertheless, Great explorers like Marco Polo have been known to have travelled in this route in hopes of trade with the ancient China. Travellers today enjoy the scenic view of Silk Road by buses, trains or simply by their cars. It has become one of the chief tourists’ spots for the travellers visiting china, to enjoy the view of a glimpse of the history along with some adventure.

Hainan Island

This island situated at the southernmost part of the Republic of China has recently been a popular spot for the travellers visiting the country. It is located across the Gulf of Tokin and the Island is blessed with nature’s beauty. The vast array of hotels, motels and world-class resorts has made the Island as one of the most visited destination in China. The stretch of spectacular beaches and the presence of magnificent hills is truly a feast for the eyes. The Sanya area of the Island is mostly crowded with visitors and contains most of the resorts. A number of activities are done in the Island, such as diving, paragliding and boating. The existence of an ethnic tribe within the Island makes it much more interesting for the travellers seeking diversity during their vacation. The island is easily accessible by air. There are two airports present on the island that provide regular flights from various destinations of all over China.


This is yet another widely visited place in China that offers an experience that cannot be felt anywhere else on earth. Lhasa being the capital of Tibet is a place that can fascinate the tourists with its picturesque wonders. The Tibetans are rich in traditions and they have preserved the cultural heritage for hundreds of years. One of the many activities that can be done in this city is the hitchhiking to the tallest mountain in the world – the Everest. For those tourists who want to travel to China, Tibet is a place that they should really visit.