Chico Attractions


  • California is a gifted state with so many places of attractions. Its cities and places are full of cultural, educational, recreational and amusement centers.
  • Chico is no exception to this.
  • It’s one of the most populous cities in Butte County. Chico, the home of California State University has a large number of attractions for people all the season.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular Chico attractions.

Bidwell Park

  • Bidwell Park is in fact one of the 25 largest municipal parks of the USA.
  • Bidwell Park park is quite old and Bidwell Park has a large number of sight seeing options inside it.
  • Bidwell has been a major tourist attraction for some time now.
  • Here are few places of interest inside the park.

Sycamore Pool

  • Sycamore Pool is a very attractive place to visit inside the park and is unique for those who want to have complete different experience with swimming.
  • With complete infrastructure and safety measures the pool is a busy hub for swimming enthusiasts.

Caper Acres playground

  • A place children would find there paradise in.
  • It’s too located in One Mile Recreation Area.
  • The playground has some wonderful fairytale themes for children to play with.

Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove is a place inside the park for those who would love to see trees from around the world planted in this area.

Five Mile

  • The perfect spot for picnic and recreation which is located near Manzanita Avenue.
  • This place is also perfect for summer and spring swim.
  • There are many other attractions too inside the Bidwell park in Chico like:
    • Horseshoe Lake
    • Bear Hole
    • Salmon Hole
    • One Mile.

Chico Air Museum

  • Chico Air Museum is located in the Chico Municipal Airport where you can have a look at the outdoor and indoor display of historic and interesting aviation aircrafts.
  • You need prior appointment to visit Chico Air Museum which is open only on Saturdays.

Chico Museum

If you want a close look at the history and culture of Chico Museum then this is the right place you should visit.

You’ll have a close interaction with the culture of Butte County, Chico and Northern

Honey Run Covered Bridge

  • Honey Run Covered Bridge one of the few remaining covered bridges of California and it’s the only tri span bridge that you will find in the USA today.
  • This bridge is just located outside Chico in Butte Creek Cayon.

Orient & Flume Art Glass Studio

Another remarkable place is for tourists to witness the manufacturing of world famous Orient and Flume glass artwork.

More attractions

  • There is no end to Chico attractions.
  • You will have lot more things to explore and discover in this beautiful area which is very native in nature and still has a global outlook.
  • You have many other places of tourist attractions like:
    • Sierra Nevada Brewing Company,
    • Silver Dollar Fairgrounds & Speedway,
    • Stansbury House