Chicago Travel Guide


Chicago is one of the most visited tourist spots in the United States. The best time to visit Chicago is during autumn when the weather is fairly better than the rest of the year. The city is gorgeous and modern that offers the tourists with entertainment, amusements and attractive sights that will appeal to different people of all types.

Attractions of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago

One of the major attractions of Chicago is its Art Institute which is situated in South Michigan Avenue. It boasts one of the greatest collections of art on earth. The oldest works date back to 3000 B.C including some fantastic present day collections. It also houses a reputed collection of Impressionist art with a number of Monet paintings. The Art Institute also exhibits abundant paintings, photographs, drawings, architectural works and sculpture. It also offers two restaurants and a gift shop to the visiting tourists.

Lincoln Park

The Lincoln Park starts from North Avenue and stretches some several miles northwards touching Lake Michigan's shore. The park itself offers a number of attractions, nice beaches, a golf course, botanical conservatory, sports fields and many more. The unique thing about the park is the statue of Abraham Lincoln which had been sculpted by Augustus Saint-Gaudies. The park consists of the Lincoln Park Zoo, where you will be able to sight hundreds of extra-ordinary animals in their natural habitats together with paddle boat rides and the Endangered Species Carousel that has 48 artisan-crafted wooden animals.

The Shedds Aquarium

Another very popular attraction in Chicago includes the Shedds Aquarium which was first inaugurated in 1930. The Shedds is famous for being the largest indoor aquarium in the world that has in its collection more than 8000 of aquatic organisms. Its prime attraction is the Caribbean Coral Reef exhibition and some other aquatic habitat exhibits. The aquarium also boasts an indoor saltwater oceanarium with aquatic mammals like dolphins

Transport in Chicago

Chicago has the most extensive transport system in the United States. You can easily travel here and there with its convenient and inexpensive network of buses and transit trains. The extensive train system has underground lines as well as elevated tracks all over the city which are known as the EI. Most of the tourists and visitors use the EI to travel for famous Chicago hotels, parks although the buses are available everywhere even in the suburbs. Most of the trains run all day and also offers additional Night Owl and Overnight services from midnight till 5 in the morning.