Chambord Chateau

Chambord Chateau is one of the most famous and largest chateau of the Loire Valley in France. The Chateau was built by King Francois I to serve as a hunting lodge.

Chateau de Chambord Hours


  • April – September 9 am – 6.15 pm;
  • October – March 9 am – 5.15 pm;

Always Closed On:

  • New Year's Day (January 1)
  • May Day / Labor Day (May 1)
  • Christmas - Christian (December 25)



  • The original design of the Chambord Chateau was that of Domenico da Cortona.
  • The Chambord Chateau is a mixture of French and Italian architecture.
  • The construction of the Chambord Chateau began in the year 1519.
Château de Chambord

Architecture of Chambord Chateau

  • The Chambord Chateau contains 440 rooms, 365 fireplaces and 84 staircases.
  • The extensive forest ground and the moat is another feature of the chateau.
  • The most important feature within the Chambord Chateau is that its double-helix staircase. The stairway is built in an unusual form that people can go up and down without meeting each other.
  • The layout of the Chambord Chateau consists of a donjon with four towers with an enclosure.
  • The roof of the chateau was inspired by the skyline of Constantinopole.
  • Another important feature of the Chambord Chateau is that it rises above 440 long façade
  • The design of the chateau was mainly focused on beauty and not on defensive purposes.
  • Chambord  Chateau serves as a residence for leisure.
  • Chambord Chateau also have more than 800 columns which are decorated with figures such as lizards, a wingless Pegasus which comes out of temple of Mars’.
  • The private apartment of the king forms the northeast corner of the chateau. They are called ‘logis’ which means living quarters.
  • These apartment also contain several paintings like a Clouet of Henri III , portrait of Anne of Austria by Mignard.
  • The roof-terrace of the chateau has an unusual decorative feature with slate tiles cut in circular, square and diamond shapes which creates a kind of reminiscent face of Italian marbles.
  • Another main feature of the Chambord Chateau is its hunting reserve with over 13000 acres. It is made up of native oak and pine and also varieties such as chestnut, birch, elm and willow.

Now owned by government , it was restored after world war II .It contains old furnishing and hunting museum and now open to public.

Chateau de Chambord Admission

Adult 8.50 Euros
Group Discounts 6.50 Euros
Concession or Reduced Rate 5.50 Euros
Child 17 & Under FREE