Casita travel trailer, one of the most popular recreational vehicles (RV), is quite adorable to the travelers, especially traveling to countryside. RV is commonly known as caravan or motor-home. Truly speaking, casita travel trailer is considered as the favorite lightweight travel trailer among most of the Americans. It is manufactured by Casita Company in Texas, USA. Essentially three types of models are built depending on the length of the model. They are - 13 ft, 16 ft and 17 ft. Each size is then sub-divided under two categories, that is, standard and deluxe. By default, three primary furniture models come out, from which the customer is free to choose.

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Most prevalently, Casita travel trailer is a perfect carrier for any camp or long drive. One can identify it as basically a little house on the wheels. It provides appropriate space for two adults. Casita vehicles can be decorated with stove or oven, refrigerator, dinning space, bed and bathroom with shower. So the home comfort is easily available in casita travel trailer.

Primary Features

Likewise other towables, the casita unit can be disengaged at the destination point. It frees up towing vehicles for short excursions and trips. By that time, casita vehicles can be used for relaxation purpose, shopping or sightseeing. Each and every casita travel trailer can be customized depending on the individual needs. However, floor plans come with wide range of options. The slide-out feature is a significant addition to most of the modern travel trailers. It helps in moving out the exterior wall and enlarges the space a minimum of three and half feet to accommodate dinning, living or kitchen areas.

This slide-out feature is essentially useful for enlargement of space area compared to usual outside wall. According to modern trend, there are a considerable variety of tow vehicles available in the market. Additionally, casita likewise most of the travel trailers can be towed using full-sized or mid-sized family automobiles, track-based vehicles, vans etc. Telescoping is an important feature that ensures enhanced fuel consumption

Important 'to do' while moving with Casita travel trailer

Getting level of the casita travel trailer is very important as it helps in proper management of almost all electric accessories. For example, the refrigerator becomes more efficient, waste water tank will drain more and door will close in appropriate fashion. The usage of lightweight outdoor carpeting for entranceway is found to be beneficial as it can be easily hosed off and dried fast.