Casinos in Alaska

Casinos in Alaska are few in number considering the size of the state and its coastline. It is big state with a long coastline with incredible casinos in its cruises. However, Alaska does not fit this stereotype. Scattered around Alaska are few land-based casinos set up to not deprive the casino lovers, who are living in the state or visiting it for passion. These few casinos are located in different places some easy to reach and some quite difficult to reach.

Alaska is indeed a great vacation spot in the country with its amazing weather and beautiful scenery. It is known for its cruises, wild life, outdoor activities, Glaciers, Aurora lights, North Pole, Memorials of Will Rogers and Wiley Post, and the festival of moose-droppings. With all this, Alaska forms an exciting and unusual tourist or vacation destination. Visitors can find respite in wagering spots. There are not many gambling halls; however, there are pull-tab or bingo games available in most casinos in Alaska.

Following is the list of casinos in Alaska,

Atka Ira Council

Atka Ira Council is located in Akta, Alaska. It has Pull-tabs and Bingo seats (30). The casino has a B&B of four rooms and snack bar.

Klawock Ira Pull

Klawock Ira Pull offers two Pull Tab devices and 65 seats of Bingo. This casino or the town offers no accommodation facilities. The nearest place to stay is Ketchikan, which is about 56 miles long from Klawock.

Metlakatla Indian Community Bingo

Metlakatla Indian Community Bingo offers Bingo games from Tuesday to Saturday between 1 pm and 1 am. The facility has 120 Bingo seats and 90 bingo devices.

Agate Pull Tabs

Agate Pull Tabs, located in Sand Point, has only Pull Tab devices. It is open between noon and 7 pm.

Native Village Barrow Pull Tabs

Native Village Barrow Pull Tabs, located in Barrows, has gambling space of 550 sqft. You can play here from Monday to Saturday for 14 hours.

Sitka Tribal Bingo

Sitka Tribal Bingo offers 200 seats of Bingo and few Pull Tabs.

Tlinga and Haida Indians of CBJ Bingo

Tlinga and Haida Indians of CBJ Bingo, located in Juneau, present 200 Bingo spots.

Sun’aq Tribal Casino

Sun’aq Tribal Casino, located in Kodiak, has a restaurant in the premises and accommodates 299 Bingo spots.

One of the other casinos in Alaska is the Organized Village of Kake Bingo in Kake.  All these casinos in Alaska have limited but exciting fun for all gamblers.

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