Car Transport Services

Whether it is moving from one city to another or buying and selling a car, we come across car transport more often than not. To cater to this need there are a number of car transport services which will do just that for you. Whatever be the size of the car, it would be smart to contact car shippers to help you in this process.

Many types of car shipping options are available and it is important to be aware of these so that you can make the right choice.  Making a wrong choice will not only cost you money but also time and effort that goes into planning the entire trip. The most popular options include choice of trucks, delivery speeds and different price ranges.

Open Car Transport Services

The open type of transport is the most commonly used for shipping cars from place to place, especially between cities. In this type the cars are stacked along with the others on a huge freight truck and driven across to its destination. This type of transportation holds good for normal cars and for transport between short distances. As they are exposed to elements, expensive and exotic cars should not be shipped by this method.

Closed Car Transport Services

The closed type of transport involves a fully closed trailer that is used to ship your expensive car to its destination. This type can accommodate only a few cars and hence ends up being more expensive. But one can be sure of total safety to the car.


Exotic Car Transport Services

Some car transport companies also offer specialized car transport services. In this type of service the company first ships the car in an enclosed trailer. Even in this trailer the car is allotted the first position so that it is not disturbed while loading or unloading other cars. Further, special insurance is provided for the transport of exotic cars to reassure the customer of utmost care and safety taken care by the company.

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