Cancun Travel

Cancun is one of the most popular tourist spots around the Caribbean coast with a lot of fun filled activities that are offered within the city. The city is a planned tourist city in the Yacatan Peninsula of Mexico. The city is divided into two major areas:

  • Zona Hotelera
  • Ciudad Cancun

The Zona Hotelera is an island stretching 18 kilometres with one of its sides facing the Caribbean all along a long beach full of sunshine and an assortment of fancy hotels and resorts while the other side is bordered by a stunning lagoon, which is known as the Laguna Nichupte. The Ciadud Cancun is the mainland which is the home to most of the local people of Cancun.

All sorts of budget hotels and other means of accommodation are also available in the area for the tourists visiting Cancun. The two parts of the city are connected with a long bridge. These two parts are absolutely unlike each other - where the Ciudad Cancun has a more Mexican influence with an assortment of fine restaurants, bars and clubs, the Zona Hotelera has the lavishness of Las Vegas together with beautiful beaches, posh bars but without any casinos.

Cancun itself offers a lot of wonderful activities to the tourists. However, if you are ready to travel a few hours by bus, it can take you to several scenic and historical areas and a lot more places to explore that it won't be possible for you to fit all these in one single visit.

Some of these places closer to Cancun are Coba and Tulum. These two places are situated near the Playa del Carmen, which is another tourist spot not more than an hour drive from Cancun. You will be able to see the Tulum ruins that are situated near the water. Tulum also offers some spectacular scenery that will definitely make this place worth of a visit.

Coba is about 45 minutes from Tulum. The place offers amazing sceneries and it is more convenient to rent a bike to surf this place. It has a tall pyramid can the tourists can climb and once you reach the top, it offers an amazing view of the nearby jungle. If you also visit the Mayan ruins, you should also visit the nearby areas around the city of Merida. Another fine place worth visiting is the Uxmal, which is very large and had been very well-preserved. If you have rented a car, you will be able to visit a few other places, all of them different from each other with different attractions to offer. While some of them are small less-packed villages, some of them are ruins of ancient civilizations. All these areas around Cancun can give the tourists a wonderful and pleasant experience.

When you get back to Cancun, one of the major attractions in there is the under-water diving. Scuba-diving in the waters of Cancun is among the finest in the world and under the waves, you will be able to experience a world that you have never experienced before. Some other places of attraction are also there around the Ruta Maya. You will be able to sight the waterholes close to the mangrove area that are filled with dirt-free and clean water. These water holes are known as Cenotes andyou will also be able to swim in them. A large number of these Cenotes are available in that area and they are definitely worth visiting.

If you are tight on budget, it is advisable that you choose to stay in the Ciadud Cancun area as most of the budget lodgings and hotels are situated there. From these hotels you can take to the bus that runs from time to time to visit the beach areas. Cancun is a breathtaking place to visit, especially for the people who love to spend their time in the beach and soak the summer sun. It also offers opportunities to learn about the different cultures by the richness of the Quintana Roo and the Yacatan and this part of Mexico is a lot different from the Mainland Mexico.