California Transportation

California Transportation

The first step towards development of a state or a city is by building a strong and efficient public transportation system. A well planned framework of various modes of transport helps a lot in ensuring smooth functioning of the city. The state of California has the greatest human population in the whole of United States. Eight of the cities in California are counted among the top fifty highly populated cities in America. Taking such statistical data into mind, it seems imperative for such a state as California to have a transport system in place to support a huge population.

Road Transportation in California

  • The work regarding the construction of highways has been undertaken by a Corporation called Caltrans. The work regarding building of new bridges and freeways with the guidance from the office of the governor A. Schwarzenegger and Agency Secretary Dale Bonner is underway.
  • There are many cheap options for the people of California as well as the tourists to choose from. These include Interstate bus services. These buses connect the central valley along with cities like LA, Malibu and San Francisco. Hiring a Taxi is the easiest way to reach one’s destination from the LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). Greyhound bus service can also be availed to at specific stations.
  • The transportation in California is turning green and more eco friendly by providing specific lanes for bicycle transport.
Rail Transportation in California
  • The rail transport system has definitely come a long way after the introduction of Transcontinental rail lines which successfully linked California with the rest of the country.
  • New rail services like Amtrak, Metrolink and Caltrain have been inducted to further facilitate the transport via railways.
  • Amtrak and other services have a huge network of rail lines in place to connect Sacramento with the Bay Area as well as the Valley with a promise of hassle free, traffic free journey at affordable prices.
  • Metrolink on the other hand is built with a purpose to serve the Metropolitan area of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. It offers an interesting variety of customer friendly schemes which includes discounts for the Elderly and College students etc.
  • Caltrain is a similar example of rail services between the counties of San Mateo, Santa Clara and San Francisco.

Air Transportation in California

  • Air Transport is picking up in a big way in California. Apart from the obvious Airlines, chartered flights are an emerging market these days. For a steep price, a person can hire a Gulfstream Five or some other jet to travel to different parts of the world.
  • In the same way, helicopters are being used to travel locally as the air traffic rules are a bit relaxed. Moreover every huge estate and hotel has a helipad of their own.

California Transportation Statistics

Rail Accidents > Fatalities 116 [1st of 51]
Rail Accidents > Injuries 664 [3rd of 51]
Rail Accidents > Total number 964 [4th of 51]
Recreational Boating Accidents > Alcohol related 44 [3rd of 51]
Recreational Boating Accidents > Deaths in alcohol related events 25 [1st of 51]
Recreational Boating Accidents > Fatalities 61 [2nd of 51]
Recreational Boating Accidents > Injuries 502 [1st of 51]
Recreational Boating Accidents > Injuries in alcohol related events 25 [6th of 51]
Recreational Boating Accidents > Total 797 [1st of 51]
Road Condition > Fair 22,246 [2nd of 51]
Road Condition > Good 7,468 [11th of 51]
Road Condition > Mediocre 13,183 [1st of 51]
Road Condition > Poor 10,091 [1st of 51]
Road Condition > Very good 907 [30th of 51]
Seaplane bases 11 [12th of 51]
Seat belt fines $20.00 [38th of 50]
Seat Belt Use 90% [6th of 50]
STOLports 2 [13th of 51]
Toll road mileage 95.8 [15th of 51]
Total number of airports, heliports, STOLports, and seaplane bases 938 [2nd of 51]