California Tourism

California Tourism Places

California is an ideal place to explore for a tourist, for it’s adorned with sandy beaches and lush green trees. It is the perfect destination for sunny adventurous holidays as well as romantic get-a-ways. So what should you explore while you are in the state? This is a list to tell you exactly that!

Big Sur
While in the state, you must take time to see the exquisite offerings on display by the Coast. With exotic sunsets and magnificent scenery, you can get as close to rocky California as possible. You can visit the Pfeiffer and the Sand Dollar beaches and go to the state parks as well. There are a host of other options available in the Big Sur for the ideal tourist.
  • Napa County: Napa County is the place to be for wine enthusiasts! This area is home to more than 250 wineries that offer tours and wine tasting options along with other treats. For those who would rather spend their day indoors under a spell of complete relaxation, the town of Calistoga offers natural springs and mud baths all throughout the year. The town offers something to the adventurous tourists too, with hot air balloon rides and gliders available to take in a bird eye view of the county.
  • Central Valley: California tourism doesn’t get better than this! The once arid dry land is now home to fresh farmlands, orchards and vineyards. With modern irrigation facilities, this beautiful valley is surrounded by Sierra Nevada Mountains on one side and the Coastal Mountains on the other. Whilst in the valley, tourists can soak in the picturesque surroundings and snow capped peaks that adorn the skyline.
  • Rolling Hills Casino: Located at 2655 Barham Avenue, this casino is the ideal place to be after a relaxing weekend. You can enjoy the fine dining, gaming and betting along with exquisite accommodation throughout your stay. The casino has 3 restaurants, amenities for fishing and golfing and a host of other facilities to keep you busy while you stay there. Be sure to check this out to complete your California tourism excursion.
  • Yosemite National Park: Yosemite National Park is one of the few places in California that one must visit while on tour. Situated 2000 feet above sea level, this park stretches to an astonishing height of 13000 feet above sea level and includes the Yosemite valley, Yosemite villages, the Yosemite Falls, Bridal Veil falls and El Capitan, which is known to be the largest monolith made of granite in the entire world. Besides falls and valleys, this place is home to quite a few artifacts and other memorabilia that you will want to see before you move on to your next stop on your itinerary.
  • Mt. Shasta Board & Ski Park: This Park is located in McCloud and caters to skiers across all levels. They have 425 acres of ski area wherein 20% is ideal for beginners, 55% is challenging enough for the intermediate learners and 25% area that is apt for professionals. One has the opportunity to ski at night as well, where there are 14 trails to choose from. They also offer a mini trail for children and a 30 km cross country trail for enthusiasts.
  • Knott’s Berry Farm: No trip is complete without some adrenaline pumping entertainment. And for that reason, be sure to check out Knott’s Berry Farm, a place that provides thrilling entertainment for all ages. You can opt to ride the wild rides or get mesmerized by their live shows. With 150 acres of entertainment space, there is something for everyone in your family. You can request a guided tour or explore the place independently as well.
  • Adventure City: Reach 1238 Beach Boulevard to go to Adventure City. This place is open every day, though during different times (Monday through Thursday from 10:00am to 5:00pm, Friday 10:00am to 8:00pm, Saturday from 11:00am to 9:00pm and Sunday from 11:00am to 8:00pm.) and caters to the entire family. You can ride the roller coaster or experience the rush by trying out one of their sixteen rides!

With countless places to explore, California is one of those states that need to be revisited over and over again. If not the next time, be sure to check out the places mentioned above as soon as possible!

Top Ten States by Domestic and International Traveler Spending for 2002 (in $billions)
S.No. City Name Spendin Money ($ Billions)
1. California $68.23
2. Florida $54.54
3. New York $34.41
4. Texas $34.24
5. Illinois $22.16
6. Nevada $20.24
7. Pennsylvania $15.95
8. New Jersey $15.29
9. Georgia $15.07
10. Hawaii $13.74
Best Adventure Vacations - California
  1. Yosemite National Park
  2. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
Best Beach Vacations - California
  • San Diego
  • Santa Barbara
  • Santa Monica
  • Laguna Beach
  • Newport Beach
Best Family Friendly Vacations - California
  • Anaheim
  • San Diego
  • Santa Barbara
  • Los Angeles
Best Romantic Vacations - California
  • Carmel, Monterey Peninsula
  • Palm Springs
  • Santa Barbara
  • Napa, Napa Valley
  • Monterey, Monterey Peninsula
  • Newport Beach
Best Skiing Vacations - California
  1. South Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe (California)
  2. Mammoth Lakes
  3. Big Bear Lake
  4. Olympic Valley
Best Spa Vacations - California
  • Los Angeles
  • Calistoga, Napa Valley
  • Desert Hot Springs