Monuments in California

Monuments in California

California State located in the United States of America has five National Monuments under the heed of National Park Service renowned for its natural, historical, cultural and educational significance. Monuments of California are open to all according to their schedules, but may remain closed occasionally due to weather conditions. Few of the Monuments in California State are located within the cities itself whereas some are outside the cities which may take time to visit, but are definitely worth the time.

Monuments in California:

There are 7 monuments in California. Let us take you for a read-ride!

California Coastal National Monument:

This monument of California, created on January 11, 2000 is situated alongside the shoreline of the California State. California Coastal National Monument is spread across an area of 1,000 acres and is taken care of by the U.S Bureau of Land Management which is an agency of the U.S Department of the Interior. This man-made monument is crafted to protect the islets, reefs and rocks outcroppings from the Californian Coast upto an area of 22 kilometres along the 1,350 kilometre shoreline of California State.

Carrizo Plain:

The Carrizo Plain located in south-eastern San Luis Obispo County, California is stretched across an area of 80 kilometres and spreads upto 24 kilometres, and about 160 kilometres across north-west in Los Angeles. Overall, this national monument is extensively occupies 250,000 acres of land as “The Carrizo Plain National Monument”. Having crowned as the single largest native grassland of California, attractions of this monument now include Carrizo Plain Rock Art Discontiguous District. Rich in its archaeological value, this monument was further crowned as a National Historic Landmark.

Alder Creek Grove:

This National Monument situated in Sierra Nevada is spread over an area of 785 acres. Alder Creek Grove is an average sized grove covering Sequoia Crest subdivision as well as the Giant Sequoia National Monument. The major attraction of Alder Creek Grove is its trees of various species.

Giant Sequoia National Monument:

Giant Sequoia National Monument located in the south of Sierra Nevada in east California is stretched across an area of 328,000 acres that is managed by the United States Forest Service as a division of the Sequoia National Forest which includes 38 Giant Sequoia groves set in the Sequoia National Forest. A part of the Sequoia is currently is subsisting embracing the ten largest Giant Sequoias, the Boole Tree (269 feet high) that has a boundary of 112 feet.   

Painted Rock (San Luis Obispo County):

The Painted Rock Monument in the State of California is an evenly horse-shoe shaped nautical sandstone rock in the midst of pictograph rock art of about 250 feet from corner to corner and 45 feet tall in the vicinity of Soda Lake in the perimeter of Carrizo Plain National Monument.

Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument:

This national monument in the southern California embraces the portions of Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountain ranges that are the northernmost parts of the Peninsular Ranges. Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument includes the portions of Riverside County, the west of Coachella Valley and about 100 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Tule Lake War Relocation Center:

This monument located in the northern California was an internment camp used by the Japanese American Internment during the period of World War II. Later in the year 2008, President George W. Bush designated this place among the nine sites of the 48 states as the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument.