California Destinations

California Destinations: Places to go in California

California is one of the most happening states of the United States of America. The state is probably one of the most developed states in America. The state has become a host of many amusements parks over the years. Some of the biggest amusements parks are located in California. The state stretches all across the west coast. There are many beaches which one can visit when you are in California. It is also the most populous state in USA. With respect to area it is the third largest state after Alaska and Texas. The well developed cities and transportation of the state help the tourist to easily move around in the state. Various destinations in the state which are attractive and exciting can be reached easily with the help of top class transportation.

California Destinations: Places You Can Go in California

Many of the sites are densely populated at the coastal region in California destinations. As the beaches of the state attracting many tourists it became a tradition for the population to slowly slide towards the coast. This has also indirectly increased the attractions near the coast. Some of the exquisite destinations you can go are given below.

San Diego

One of the largest cities of California, it is undoubtedly a must visit when you are planning to go to this state. The beautifully built city is one of the best cities you can find in the whole of America. The culture of the city lies nearly between the military discipline and the beach attitude. The zoo is a must watch in San Diego. There is also a lot of Mexican culture and you can have a taste of the Mexican cuisines all over the state. Little Italy Old town are some of the neighboring attractions which you can visit once you are in the town.

San Diego Information

San Diego Coordinates: 32°42′54″N 117°09′45″W
San Diego Country United States
San Diego State California
San Diego County San Diego
San Diego Demonym San Diegans
San Diego Founded July 16, 1769
San Diego Incorporated March 27, 1850
San Diego Government
 - Type Mayor-council
 - Body San Diego City Council
 - Mayor Jerry Sanders (R)
 - City Attorney Jan Goldsmith (R)
 - City Council Members
  • Sherri Lightner (D)
  • Kevin Faulconer (R)
  • Todd Gloria (D)
  • Tony Young (D)
  • Carl DeMaio (R)
  • Lori Zapf (R
  • Marti Emerald (D)
  • David Alvarez (D)
San Diego Area
 - City 372.1 sq mi (963.6 km2)
 - Land 324.3 sq mi (840.0 km2)
 - Water 47.7 sq mi (123.5 km2)
San Diego Elevation 72-400 ft (22 m)
San Diego Population (January 1, 2010)
 - City 1,376,173 (8th In US)
 - Density 4,174.8/sq mi (1,611.9/km2)
 - Urban 2,880,000
San Diego Demonym San Diegan
San Diego Time Zone PST (UTC-8)
 - Summer (DST) PDT (UTC-7)
San Diego ZIP Code 92101-92117, 92119-92124, 92126-92140, 92142, 92145, 92147, 92149-92155, 92158-92172, 92174-92177, 92179, 92182, 92184, 92186, 92187, 92190-92199
San Diego Area Code(s) 619, 858
San Diego FIPS Code 66000
San Diego GNIS Feature ID 1661377
San Diego Website

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best cities of the whole world. The companies and the work culture are amazing. The pace of the city is so fast that it can be put on par with New York. The true western attitude is seen in this city. The tall buildings and the beautiful architecture are the main aspects of the city. It is a small city comparatively which makes it easy for tourists to go around the place without spending much on the transportation. The people and the night life is simply amazing in this city.

San Francisco Information

San Francisco Coordinates: 37°46′45.48″N 122°25′9.12″W
San Francisco Country United States
San Francisco State California
San Francisco Founded June 29, 1776
San Francisco Incorporated April 16, 1850
San Francisco Founder Lieutenant José Joaquin Moraga and Father Francisco Palóu
San Francisco Named for Saint Francis of Assisi
San Francisco Government
 - Type Mayor-Council
 - Mayor Gavin Newsom (D)
 - Board of Supervisors Eric Mar
Michela Alioto-Pier
David Chiu
Carmen Chu
Ross Mirkarimi
Chris Daly
Sean Elsbernd
Bevan Dufty
David Campos
Sophie Maxwell
John Avalos
 - State Assembly Fiona Ma (D)
Tom Ammiano (D)
 - State Senate Mark Leno (D)
Leland Yee (D)
 - U.S. House Nancy Pelosi (D)
Jackie Speier (D)
San Francisco Area
 - City-county 231.92 sq mi (600.7 km2)
 - Land 46.7 sq mi (121 km2)
 - Water 185.2 sq mi (479.7 km2)  79.8%
 - Metro 3,524.4 sq mi (9,128.2 km2)
San Francisco Elevation 52 ft (16 m)
San Francisco Highest Elevation 925 ft (282 m)
San Francisco Lowest Elevation 0 ft (0 m)
San Francisco Population (2008) CSA: 7,427,757
 - City-county 815,358
 - Density 17,323/sq mi (6,688.4/km2)
 - Urban 3,228,605
 - Metro 4,203,898
 - Demonym San Franciscan
San Francisco Time Zone Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
 - Summer (DST) Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7)
San Francisco ZIP Code 94101–94112, 94114–94147, 94150–94170, 94172, 94175, 94177
San Francisco Area Code(s) 415
San Francisco Website

Los Angeles

Who can ever forget this city? If you want to know about California destinations then you have to know what Los Angeles is. It is a huge city which boils down to explaining how the nature of the whole state is formed. It is the home of Hollywood and the land of Disney. Entertainment is not less at any corner of the city. It is filled with museums and theaters and the shopping is just amazing. A guy coming with his wife should make sure his pockets are filled. You are bound to find everything you want in the world in the colossal city.

Los Angeles Information

Los Angeles Coordinates: 34°03′N 118°15′W
Los Angeles Country United States
Los Angeles State California
Los Angeles County Los Angeles County
Los Angeles Settled September 4, 1781
Los Angeles Incorporated April 4, 1850
Los Angeles Government
 - Type Mayor-Council
 - Body Los Angeles City Council
 - Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
 - City Attorney Carmen Trutanich
 - City Controller Wendy Greuel
Los Angeles Area
 - City 498.3 sq mi (1,290.6 km2)
 - Land 469.1 sq mi (1,214.9 km2)
 - Water 29.2 sq mi (75.7 km2)  5.8%
 - Urban 1,667.9 sq mi (4,319.9 km2)
Los Angeles Elevation 233 (city hall) ft (71 m)
Los Angeles Population (July 1, 2009)
 - City 3,833,995
 - Density 8,205/sq mi (3,168/km2)
 - Urban 14,775,000
 - Metro 15,250,000
 - CSA 17,786,419
 - Demonym Angeleno
  (2nd US, 45th World)
Los Angeles Time Zone PST (UTC-8)
 - Summer (DST) PDT (UTC−7)
Los Angeles ZIP Code 90001–90068, 90070–90084, 90086–90089, 90091, 90093–90097, 90099, 90101–90103, 90174, 90185, 90189, 90291-90293, 91040–91043, 91303–91308, 91342–91349, 91352–91353, 91356–91357, 91364–91367, 91401–91499, 91601–91609
Los Angeles Area Code(s) 213, 310/424, 323, 661, 747/818
Los Angeles Website


Pretty uncanny but it is the truth! Sacramento is the capital of California. Many people don’t even know this as the above three cities dominate and take away the lime light what a capital deserves. It’s a very serene city which takes care of the functioning of the state. The Old Town Sacramento is the best place you can be in. You can check out the historic monuments and have a peep into the history of the state.

Sacramento Information

Sacramento Coordinates: 38°33′20″N 121°28′8″W
Sacramento Country United States
Sacramento State California
Sacramento County Sacramento County
Sacramento Government
 - Type Mayor-Council
 - Mayor Kevin Johnson (D)
Sacramento Area
 - City 99.2 sq mi (257.0 km2)
 - Land 97.2 sq mi (251.6 km2)
 - Water 2.1 sq mi (5.4 km2)
Sacramento Elevation 25 ft (8 m)
Sacramento Population (2007)
 - City 486,200 (37th)
 - Density 4,813/sq mi (1,818/km2)
 - Metro 2,136,604
 - Demonym Sacramentan
Sacramento Time zone PST (UTC-8)
 - Summer (DST) PDT (UTC-7)
Sacramento ZIP Code 942xx, 958xx
Sacramento Area Code(s) 916
Sacramento FIPS Code 06-64000
Sacramento GNIS Feature ID 1659564
Sacramento Website

San Luis Obispo

California destinations are known for beaches and San Luis Obispo is the hub for beaches. The small town is only popular for the beach life it provides to the tourists. It may seem to be a little quieter than the other cities which are mentioned above, but because there are lots of colleges in this town, there is lot of young crowd which will make you feel young and dynamic. It also has rich music which fills your background when you are sleeping on the beach.

San Luis Obispo Information

San Luis Obispo Coordinates: 35°16′27″N 120°39′47″W
San Luis Obispo Country United States
San Luis Obispo State California
San Luis Obispo County San Luis Obispo
San Luis Obispo Incorporated February 16, 1856
San Luis Obispo Government
 - Mayor Jan Howell Marx
 - State Senate Sam Blakeslee (R)
 - State Assembly Katcho Achadjian
San Luis Obispo Area
 - Total 10.8 sq mi (27.7 km2)
 - Land 10.7 sq mi (27.6 km2)
 - Water 0.2 sq mi (0.5 km2)
San Luis Obispo Elevation 233 ft (71 m)
San Luis Obispo Population (2009)
 - Total 44,075
 - Density 4,144.5/sq mi (1,600/km2)
San Luis Obispo Time Zone PST (UTC-8)
 - Summer (DST) PDT (UTC-7)
San Luis Obispo ZIP Codes 93401-93403, 93405-93410, 93412
San Luis Obispo Area Code(s) 805
San Luis Obispo FIPS Code 06-68154
San Luis Obispo GNIS Feature ID 1652788
San Luis Obispo Website