California Attractions

California Attractions

The State of California is rated as a “must visit” tourist destination in countless worldwide reviews. It is a pot full of different cultures mixing together and creating a unique flavor of its own. The attractions in California range from beautiful Nature sites to man-made structures like the various theme parks built by Hollywood Movie studios. A new breed of tourists are also flocking California for exclusive wine tasting sessions as California is now being marketed as a wine country. California is home to many National parks as well.

Base Tourist Attractions

  • The main reason behind people visiting California is to visit the Studios on the lot in Hollywood. It is the most prominent movie industry with revenues going in to billions of dollars.
  • A lot of tours are undertaken by tourists to soak in the pleasures provided by the city. Some prefer the traditional grand tour while the other more adventurous kind prefers to take the helicopter tour of the city of Los Angeles.
  • Disneyland is also a major draw with both tourists and locals alike. The experience in Disneyland is so famous due to the overall package provided by the renowned institution. It has a 5 star rated Hotel on the premises which offer a lot of luxury services along with theme based rooms.

Shopping Destination

  • The city of Los Angeles is also known for the one of a kind shopping experience it has to offer. The state of California can provide vacation spots for people having a huge range of budget. LA on the other hand favors the rich crowd.
  • One of the most famous sites in the whole of Los Angeles is Rodeo Drive. It is a shopping destination for the Ultra Rich and has luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and Versace opening shops on Rodeo Drive.

Star struck Tourism

  • Attractions in California are many but hardly any live up to the hype created by Hollywood. Most of the tourists visiting LA hope to run into a Movie Star at the famous Hollywood Boulevard. Some tours are exclusively based on driving through Beverly Hills while looking at the extravagant houses of many of the celebrities.
  • Hollywood Studios also mint a lot of money by organizing tours of the studio itself though certain places on the studio premises are kept out of the reach of the tourists. These tours sometimes involve meet and greet sessions with certain stars as well as visits to certain famous movie sets.

Ocean, beaches and more

  • One of the main attractions of California are the beaches which provide an awesome surfing experience and beaches at Santa Monica are known to host a lot of competitions as well.

California Tourist Attrations

California Attraction Name Address
Queen Califia's Magical Circle Garden Escondido, California
Museum of Jurassic Technology Culver City, California
Folsom Prison Museum Folsom, California
Museum of Death Hollywood, California
Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia Burlingame, California
Bob Hope Memorial San Diego, California
Bulldozer Building Turlock, California
Bosco the Dog Mayor Sunol, California
The Great Statues of Auburn Auburn, California
Old Faithful Geyser of California Calistoga, California
Toad Hollow - Tunnel for Toad Traffic Davis, California
Pee Wee Golf Guerneville, California
World's Largest Thermometer Baker, California
Salvation Mountain Niland, California
Big Shoe Bakersfield, California
Behind the Scenes Little Italy Tour NA
Belmont Park NA
La Jolla kayaking, biking, or snorkeling NA
Birch Aquarium at Scripps NA
Boomers! San Diego NA
New Childrens Museum NA

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California Attractions by Region

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