Butterfield & Robinson Cruise

Butterfield & Robinson Cruise

Butterfield and Robinson Cruises

Butterfield and Robinson is a cruise company which has expertise in current service issue. They have been in this field for quite a long time and have been providing services successfully to all its customers. It has its own set of accommodation. This will reduce the stress which you have already had even before the trip. It also provides its clients to go to those places where the big ships cannot go in the at tiny water ways.

Butterfield and Robinson cruises are having a decently good fleet of ships which have helped them in building a good business. They have 3 amazing ships which have given amazing voyages to clients who have come back from the sea dazed and willing to do that again. The names of the ships are as follows

Kaya Guneri V

Kaya Guneri V comes across as a very majestic and modern ship which you have seen in your recent past. The six cabin ship which has lot of free space in it can provide you with lot of private spots where you can get cozy with your loved one. It is totally an amazing voyage you can ask for. The old antique traditional look of the ship will make you feel nostalgic.

It is a gullet which stretches for about 39.5 meters. It has a sail area of its own of 700 meter sq. This ship was built in the year 2009. It can reach a speed of 11 knots at the max. It goes across the Turquoise Coast which you can enjoy by standing on the deck. Kaya Guneri V catches up with your imagination where ever you go on this amazing yacht.

Isabela II

The best ship you can watch in the channels of Galapogas. The Isabela II is a 166ft long vessel which carries 24 crew members and 3 naturalists and 3 B&R crew. The maximum speed the vessel runs on the sea is 10 knots. The Isabela II takes you to one of the breathtaking islands of the Galapagos Islands. It can carry approximately 37 passengers and all the cabins which are provided are kept on the same deck. Each and every cabin has a view to the outside world and all the cabins have a very similar design to each of it.

The vessel carries a dining room, 2 bars to take sip of your favorite drink, library and lounge. These facilities will only pamper you over the period of voyage.

Nostra Vita

The very spacious 5 cabin Turkish gullet ship is another nostalgic way of traveling. The name itself has a strong appeal on you which attract you to the voyage. The 5 cabins are spacious and has respects your personal space which you will find in abundance on this ship. It accommodates a maximum of 10 passengers and it has only 4 crew members which mean you don’t have lot of disturbance from the crew. It’s more or less a self serving system which is followed on the ship.

You are provided with some water sport equipment which you can use when you are near the shallow waters. There is fishing, water skiing and snorkeling equipment. The place where Nostra Vita will take you is Dalmatian Coast.