Business Travel


Nowadays like any other business, travel-business is growing leaps and bounds. Tourism business is happening everyplace in the world from a small town to a big city. No place is untouched by the travel freak, so tourism market is also getting hyped likewise. In order to flourish in this business, all the business guys have to focus on few undeniable issues.

Knowledge: They have to have all the detailed knowledge about the place they are sending their travelers. They should have thorough know-how about that place. It includes,

  • How to reach the place
  • Where to stay or lodging facilities
  • What to see
  • How to go for sight seeing

For all those above necessities, let's see how travel-business focus on:

  • To reach the destination, every travel-business-house has to have tie-up with several airlines, railways and other conveyance-service-providers directly or else by forming one travel-agency to do all the things done.
  • In the same way travel-business-house has to have association with various hotels and lodging service providers.
  • From the entire knowledge of the place, they should have a concrete plan to which destinations are famous to cater.
  • Like the point a. and b., they even have good agreement with the local conveyance.

Marketing: Without making close-knitting with the market, travel business may suffer like any other business, as it has to face strong competition with other contender in the same field. Nowadays marketing is done in various ways:

  • through newspaper advertisements
  • through TV advertisements
  • online marketing or E-marketing
  • through brochure and pamphlets

Due to easy internet accessibility, via internet-marketing escalation of this business is commendable.

Risk involved: For this business, lots of risks are involved both in terms of business profit and reputation. Here reputation and profit are highly dependable on each other. The safety of every traveler and the proper arrangement of the entire trip can be major headache to the service provider, as the accomplished service will show your commitment to the business. Risk management and insurance planning should be maintained properly in this area of business.

Investment plan and Future of business: To set up this business, one has to foresee the future. Though the future is unpredictable,but business plan should be greatly deep-rooted, so that the long term investment should pay good return in future. These days few people are running their home-based travel-business. Like other big travel-business- house, they have tie -up with other service providers which are generally called host-agency.With the help of those host-agencies, home based agents make their booking easily.