Bus transport in Colorado

Bus transport in Colorado

Colorado and its major cities are constantly on the move. Tourists, visitors and long distance commuters need to be connected by efficient roadways. The bus services in Colorado offer good service to such people.  Bus transport in Colorado happens through some of the services mentioned below:

Mountain metro

is one such bus service that runs on a fixed route in the Pike’s Peak area. The bus service operates on 31 routes staring from down town terminal and reaching many destinations in the regions in accordance with the route. You could plan your trip based on the routes and their schedules published by the service. It can be done online or through phone booking or even at the terminal office directly. The fares are reasonable and one can obtain single journey tickets, round trip tickets or 31-day passes. The basic fare per ride is about $1.75. Special discount and concessions are available for the daily travelers and certain special group of people. The online portal of the service provides information on various maps and routes connecting them and helps you plan your trip through their interactive interface.


is a sister concern of the mountain metro transit that operates on special tours between Pike’s Peak region and Denver. This is the top end, luxury service that offers transit services at a premium. The buses come fully equipped with high-back cushions and wireless internet services with space to store your bikes. This is the ultimate in road travel and will only make your trip more memorable. The one way fares start at $5 and go up to $11 based on your destination. On bulk purchase of tickets, there is a considerable discount as it comes at $300. The bus can be boarded at various points based on your trip plan. Route maps posted on the website can be accessed and your trip planned right on the website with full details of the boarding and alighting points, timings and fares provided on a single page. Details of the routes and bookings can also be had from the offices located at the downtown terminal, Denver.

Regional Transport District (RTD), Colorado

is the official bus link service provided by the local government. They bus services offered here are very convenient and high on frequency. The service offers Express schedules, Regional schedules, Sky-ride schedules and free mall ride services to the visitors to Colorado. Starting from various points in the major city, the buses offer economy fares and provide value for money. The fares range from one way rides to daily passes and seasonal passes. Senior citizens and children aged below 15 years can avail concessions by flashing their ID cards. Thus bus transport in Colorado facilitates the seasoned frugal travelers.