Bus Transport in Alabama

Buses in Alabama

Like every other state in the US, Alabama has some amount of public transport. Here is a Bus Transport in Alabama break down by city and how the people are served.

Birmingham Transit Authority: offers public transport in the city of Birmingham offering 38 routes covering an area of 1074 square miles and serves over 650,000 people.

Clemson Area Transit: It is the largest bus service which doesn’t charge anything for using the service. This is possible because of federal grants and matched funds from the University and Clemson city. It has a fleet of modern buses. Students can go from satellite areas to the University campus and also from the Clemson area to other communities.

The CrimsonRide: This serves students and everyone else in the University and the general public at the University of Alabama. The buses run every 5 minutes starting at 7 am and shutting down at 4am (21 hour service cycle).

Montgomery Transit System: This offers mass transport in the metro area. It offers fixed routes and was founded in 1974.

Huntsvill Shutte System: It was set up in 1990 to offer a cost effective mode of transport to the population of the area. It is funded by the city and matched by federal funds. It offers regular routes to city dwellers and a Tourist route too. The ridership has increased over the last few years and the city is looking into expanding this service.

The Wave System: is a major part of public transport in the city of Mobile. It serves the city as well as the suburbs.

Tuscaloosa Transit Authority: This is owned and operated by the local government. It offers trolley services and also buses between downtown and the University. It has seen a major rise in riders and is getting more popular.

Greyhound: Greyhound buses are a national carrier and offer cheap and convenient travel across different states. One can visit many cities using this service – it will take time as there are stops along the way. This is a great way to see different parts of the US.

Charter Buses in Alabama

Of course, most of the bus systems are restricted to the major cities and if one wants to travel the length and breadth of the state to take in all the historical and scenic landscapes, a charter bus is the way to go. This way, one can plan and travel with family and have a memorable trip.