British NorthWest Airlines

British NorthWest Airlines

British NorthWest Airlines
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British NorthWest Airlines Information

British NorthWest Airlines
Founded 2001
Hubs Blackpool International Airport
Fleet Size 3
Destinations 3
Headquarters Blackpool International Airport, England, United Kingdom
Key People Robert Murgatroyd

British NorthWest Airlines History

This British airline was founded in the year 2001 and was based out of Blackpool International Airport. Although its full name was British North West Airlines Limited, trading was done under the name of British NorthWest airlines. The operating license of this airline was classified as “Type B”. The license for this airline was to carry passengers as well as mail and cargo.

Due to the fact that the payloads of the aircraft of this airline were not very high, in effect none of the aircraft could carry anything more than 10 tons. The fleet of British NorthWest Airlines was made up of three aircraft – a single Jetstream 31 and a couple of Piper PA-31 Navajos. Both these models are turboprops, which mean that they are propeller-driven planes and the propellers are powered by gas turbines.

Uses of British NorthWest Airlines

  • The services of this airline were useful for covering small distances between where no regular commercial airlines were operating.
  • This airline also offered chartered services which were very popular as a means of transport for tourism in sightseeing and leisure.
  • Other uses of the flights of NorthWest Airlines included photography, film producing, surveys and surveillance, air ambulance services and aerial work.

Closure of British NorthWest Airlines

  • In 2006, due to escalating fuel costs and a general economic slump in the aviation field, British NorthWest Airlines suffered heavy financial losses resulting in the ultimate filing of bankruptcy.
  • All the current bookings at the time were transferred free of cost to other airlines of each individual passenger’s preference.
  • The transfer was facilitated through an airline booking portal known as
  • Each passenger was individually contacted and the rebooking was done with their consent.

British NorthWest Airlines Fleet

  • 2 Piper PA-31 Navajo
  • 1 Jetstream 31

British NorthWest Airlines Destinations

  • Belfast (Belfast City Airport)
  • Blackpool (Blackpool International Airport)
  • Isle of Man (Isle of Man Airport)

British NorthWest airlines, as the name indicates flew its aircraft to areas in the Northwest of England from Blackpool International Airport to Belfast and the Isle of Man.

Due to the small size of the aircraft of this airline, it was a popular choice for economical traveling for those passengers who were looking for a good bargain while traveling to the destinations mentioned above.