Borra Caves

Borra Caves Information

Borra Caves (Borra Guhalu)
Borra Caves Location within Visakhapatnam district
Borra Caves Coordinates: 18°10′N 83°0′E
Borra Caves Ananthagiri Mandal Andhra Pradesh
Borra Caves Visakhapatnam District Visakhapatnam
Borra Caves Area
Borra Caves  - Land 0.8 sq mi (2 km2)
Borra Caves Elevation 2,313 ft (705 m)
Borra Caves Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Located in Borra village in the Ananthagiri hills of Eastern Ghats

Borra Caves History

Borra Caves is situated on East Coast of India which is in Ananthagiri hills of Araku valley of Visakhapatnam area in Andhra Pradesh. It is near of Arku Valley which is very beautiful valley. Borra caves is one of most beautiful caves present in India .Borra caves are flescovered by a British geologist “WILLIAMKING"in 1807. The Borra caves are released with approximately 75 meter on perpendicular plane and 100 meter on straight plane. Borra caves are situated on the area of 1 sqkm where the river Gostani has the origin. There is also a temple of lord Shiva which is also very famous and has a very interesting history of grazing low.

In the year of 1807, William King George of Geological Survey of India invented Borra caves.

Borra Caves Climate

Average Annual climate
A.C---->25degree Celsius

Ideal Months for your journey to Borra caves are November and December. in these months temperature and climate condition of this place would be in favor of you.

How to reach Borra Caves

you can go through local buses, autos or hire a car. Or you can reach the place via rail route as Vishakhapatnam which is 90 kms away from the cave. The customary buses work from diverse neighboring states and cities.

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Borra Caves Attraction

Borra caves cover interesting attractions like Tyada Railway Tunnel, Arku Valley, and Padmapuram Gardens etc. There are many Hotels in Visakhapatnam which makes your trip very happy and more enjoy full. There are many 5star Hotels. For One and middle class families, there are many hotels which can be easily fit in your budget.

Trains facilities are available in Visakhapatnam and from Visakhapatnam many buses facility are present to go Borra caves.

Tourist package to borra caves are available according to your budget and plane.

Borra Caves Entry Fee

Adult Rupees 25/-
Child Rupees 15/-
Cameras allowed at fee of Rupees 10/-
Video cameras at a fee of Rupees 100/-