Bolivia Maps

Bolivia is officially known as Plurinational State of Bolivia, it is surrounded by land on all its sides. Bolivia is a country located in central South America bordered by Brazil to the north and east, Chile by the south west, Peru by the west, and Paraguay and Argentina to the south.

An estimate of 10 million people residing in Bolivia is multiethnic, including Amerindians, Mestizos, Europeans and Africans. Although the official language spoken is Spanish, Aymara and Quechua languages are also common and official along with 34 other indigenous languages.

Bolivia is spread over an area of 1,098,580 square kilometers being the world’s 28th-largest country. Bolivia lies between 9 degree and 23 degree south latitudes and 57 degree and 70 degree west longitudes.

Bolivia Climate

The weather in Bolivia varies drastically from one climatic zone to another. The summer in Bolivia is typically warmer and wetter between November to March.  Winter in Bolivia is from April through October, is colder and drier.

Snowfall is common during winters. In highlands, the temperature can go below zero at nights. The weather in rainforest is normally very hot and occasionally very wet.

Bolivia Rivers

Few of the Rivers in Bolivia are;

  • Abuna River
  • Bio River
  • Camata River
  • Desaguadero River
  • Esmeralda River
  • Heath River
  • Ibabo River
  • Rapulo River
  • Yura River
  • Zongo River
  • Mizque River
  • Tijamuchi River
  • Orthon River
  • Julpe River
  • Ibare River

Bolivia Flora

Bolivia has tropical forests which grows quinine-producing quina trees and the Para rubber tree and more than 2,000 species of hardwoods. Commonly found are Aromatic shrubs, vanilla, sarsaparilla and saffron plants. The native plants of Bolivia include palms, sweet potatoes, manioc, peanuts and a wide variety of fruits.

Bolivia Fauna

IIama is the most important animal of Bolivia. Alpaca and guanaco and several other varieties of guinea pigs are also found here. The tropical Amazon region is home for the puma, coati, tapir, armadillo, sloth, peccary, capiguara, ant bear and several kinds of monkeys. While the birdlife is rich and varied, reptiles can be seen in an enormous variety.

bolivia map
Map of Bolivia