Belize Maps

Belize lies in the southernmost part of Central America. Bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the south and to the west and east by Caribbean Sea, Belize is spread over an area of 22,960 square kilometers.

Belize houses only 333,200 people with the lowest populated country in Central America.

Although Belize is the only county in Central America with English as its official language, Kriol, Garifuna, Maya, Plautdietsch and Spanish are spoken among the population here. Belize is made up of Belize District, Cayo District, Corozal District, Orange Walk District, Stann Creek District, and Toledo District.

Belize Climate

Belize has tropical climate with noticeable wet and dry seasons. The weather patterns vary significantly in different regions of Belize. The average temperature in the coastal regions of Belize ranges from 24 degree Celsius in January to 27 degree Celsius in July.

Rainfall in Belize varies considerably ranging from 1,350mm in the north and west with 4,500 mm in the south. Seasonal differences in rainfall can be seen in the northern and central regions of Belize between January and April with less than 100 mm of rain per month. The summers are shorter in south lasting from February to April and a less rainy period in July or August.

Belize Flora

The flora of Belize has wide variety. Mangroves, orchids, palm trees are seen around in Belize.

Belize Fauna

Jaguars, puma, cougars are commonly found in Belize. Monkey species are also found in abundance here with a large snake population. Although lizard is most commonly found, gecko and the iguana are also hunted for meat here. Brightly colored species of birds like Quetzai, toucans and parrots can also be seen in Belize.

belize map
Map of Belize