Bel Air Travel


Bel Air Travel is a Canadian based company and has been actively in service for more than 20 years. The company has good affiliations with numerous leading airlines, hotels, cruise lines as well as car rental companies all over the world. BelAir has the best deals to its customers as they have negotiations with the top suppliers that help it to provide its customers with a very good price. They offer services and products from providers such as Alba Tours, Signature, Air Transat Holidays, Sunquest Vacations, Air Canada and many other popular brand names.

With the help of BelAir, you can get all the services from these brand names with the most reasonable prices and that's what makes Bel Air Travel popular among the Canadian people.

Since the past 20 years, BelAir has been providing its customers with stress free travelling as well as an ensured journey with affiliations with one of the best insurance companies in the country.

About Bel Air Online

BelAir has its personal website,, through which interested tourists can book their tickets. Reservation can also be done via and it boasts to be the first ever Canadian multifunctional air ticket purchasing system that is available on the web. Ticket purchasing is an easy process with BelAir. All you have to do is log in to any one of the sites and purchase the ticket of the desired destination and a confirmation will be send to you immediately along with an itinerary. You will also receive a follow up call from the service department within the next twenty four hours of the purchase.

Reservation Can be a Thing

If booking is made online booking, you will be required to provide BelAir with your credit card information. The transactions made via the credit with BelAir are absolutely safe and if the case of fraud, you will only have to be responsible for $50. BelAir uses the latest SSL technology to facilitate the credit card transactions and the technology makes online purchases just as the telephone purchases.

BelAir provides delivery of your air tickets after the purchase, using various modes of deliverance, such as office pick-up where the tickets are sent to the specific travel agencies roughly before two weeks from the departure date. A voucher is sent along with the tickets if hotel booking and car rental are also confirmed. While with the airport pick-up facility, the tickets are made on the day of the flight at the airport. However, this pick-up system is only available with package tours or the air only bookings made within the 14 days of the departure. Ifreservation is made outside the 14 days, then airport-pickup service is provided by BelAir to the tourist on the day of the departure.

Air tickets can also be delivered with courier and the charge for the delivery depends on the different areas. If you purchase your ticket from online ticket and select courier to be as the delivery mean then a separate fee will be charged along with the price of the air tickets. Electronic Tickets (E-Tickets) are the most advanced and faster way of delivering the air tickets. However, there are certain flights that include stopovers and code-share flights that do not accept the E-Ticket system. Conventionally, E-tickets are sent to the consumer about 2 weeks before the date of departure. It is advisable that you talk with your local agent for information on which flight provides E-ticket facility.

The Best about BelAir

BelAir is undoubtedly provides the best deals for overseas travel as well as travel within the country. In the recent years BelAir has transformed into a popular travel company and is increasingly gaining passengers travelling for business, for various tours or simply from the family vacationers who wish to spend some quality abroad. Whatever the purpose is- business or pleasure, BelAir is the most comfortable guide to assist you in your trip.