Beaches in Arizona

Arizona State in the United States of America has greater seashore in the complete west coast of the State. The seashores of Arizona State do not own white sandy beaches but, there is an abundance of lakes and rivers to swim in Arizona. The visitors Arizona State attracts love to gorge on activities such as boating, fishing, water skiing, river rafting and sun-bathing by the beach side. There are few white sandy beaches in Arizona State which cannot be ignored and just a number of them have beach-resorts too.

Best Beaches in Arizona State:

Gateway Park Beach, Yuma, Arizona

Gateway Park Beach

The beach and its park are a piece of the Yuma Crossing Heritage Area which is a riverfront development project. This beach and park is situated between Penitentiary Avenue and North Fourth at the end of Colorado River which is not too distant from the United States and Mexico border. Gateway Park Beach attracts many visitors due to its cool water. This park plus beach is a famous summer spot for visitors. Though the scorching heat of summers in Arizona is unbearable, it continues to attract many people as the temperature steps-up thrice every day.

Lake Havasu Beach State Park

Lake Havasu Beach State Park

The Lake Havasu Beaches have become a popular spot of visitors in the springs. Lake Havasu State Park is one of the tourist spot with various hotels, restaurants and a beautiful coastal city in Mohave county, Arizona, United States. The total area of the city is 928 acres (376 ha).

This park is to the south of the town with all ingredients you require to enjoy your spring days in the sun. Lake Havasu Beach has large swimming beach, boat ramps, shady picnic areas and many other features to explore from the main entrance to the park.

Lake Powell Beaches

Lake Powell Beach

The Lake Powell Beaches is located on the border of Arizona and Utah behind the Glen Canyon Dam with seashore of 2,000 miles. The amount of water that gushes in and out of the lake determines the location and the size of the lake Powell beaches. Regardless of the lake size, the visitors can definitely find beaches at Wahweap Marina and in the region of Antelope Point boat ramp.

Tempe Beach Park

Tempe Beach Park

The Tempe Beach is sandy that you’ll enjoy to the core. The remarkable experience at this beach would be to spend a say at Tempe Town Lake and Tempe Beach Park to see Mill Avenue meet Rio Salado. Though this isn’t a beach to swim in as the lake water is bleak, kids can wear their swim suits to play at the Splash Playground on the beach. Though there are many other beaches in Arizona State, the best of all are the above four mentioned.

Bluewater Beach

Bluewater Beach

Bluewater beach is one of the tourist spot with various hotels, restaurants and a beautiful coastal city in La Paz County, Arizona, United States. The total area of the city is 2.4 sq mi (6.1 km2). In that total area land is covered with 2.1 sq mi (5.3 km2) and water land occupied with 0.3 sq mi (0.8 km2). We can also observe that the total elevation of the city is 404 ft (123 m).

The total population according to the people living in the city was 730 and the average density calculating housing units are 304.2/sq mi (119.7/km2). Standard time zone in the Bluewater beach is MST (no daylight saving time) (UTC-7).

City of Bluewater beach

  • FIPS code: 04-07025

To know the Geographic Names Information System for Bluewater beach government has provided GNIS feature ID 1866981. Bluewater beach Coordinate directions are 34°10′1″N 114°16′18″W.