Barbados Maps

An island country in Lesser Antilles, Barbados covers an area of 431 square kilometers. It is located in the western area of the North Atlantic, with Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea to the east and Trinidad and Tobago to the northeast. English is the root language of Barbados.

Barbados Climate

Barbados faces two seasons of which one includes higher rainfall or the “wet season” with annual precipitation of 40 inches. June to November is known as the “dry season” from December to May with an average temperature of 21 degree to 31 degree. The temperature from June to November ranges from 23 degree to 31 degree Celsius.

Barbados Flora:

All the natural vegetation of Barbados has been cleared for cultivation. This country lacks mineral resources.

Barbados Fauna

The Norway Rats, House Mouse, European Hare, Indian Mongoose, Green Monkey are the commonly found mammals in Barbados. The bat species are native mammals, of which the most often seen is Velvety Free-tailed Bat.

barbados map
Map of Barbados