Bar & Restaurant


A Bar is a place where alcoholic beverages are served in the premises like beer, whisky, vodka, rum, cocktails, mock tails etc. A bar is also called as a pub. A pub is a short form for public house. In olden days a pub which offered lodging was called as inn. The seating arrangements in bars are generally in the form of raised stools and raised counters or tables. Bars are sometimes attached to restaurants and hotels. Sometimes bars may function just by themselves.

Bar is a term used for the special counter on which drinks are served. The entire concept of serving drinks and the ambience everything put together is termed a Bar. The place where the bottles and glasses are stored is known as a gantry or back bar. In some bars the gantry is done up very beautifully with wooden finish or stained glass finish or lights. In some places it is very simply done up.

Kinds of Bars

There are different kinds of bars depending on the type of entertainment provided by them and by the type of clientele who frequent the bars.

Nightclub or Discotheque

When a bar has a large dance floor and there are DJ’s to provide music or a live band playing it is called a Discotheque.

Sports Bar

When there is a large TV screen attached to the bar and clients can relax with a drink in their hands and watch sports channels on the TV it is called a sports bar.

Dance Bars

Dance floor is not as big as a discotheque but mid-sized where clients dance to recorded music is called dance bar.

Salsa Bars

Customers dance to Latin Salsa music in Salasa bars

Topless/Strip Bars

Topless/Strip bars female dancers go topless or strip themselves and dance and also serve drinks to clients.

Some of the other kinds of bars are biker bars where motorcycle enthusiasts frequent the bars, then gay bars wherein the bars are frequented by gays and a singles bar which is frequented by singles of both the genders for socializing purposes. Then are Retro bars which typically have the ambience of ancient culture and lounge bars.

The ambience of the bars including the lighting, seating, kind of drinks to be served is chosen very carefully to attract the best of clientele.

Bars in US

In US, distinctions exist between the types of bars, restaurants. These distinctions vary on the basis of municipalities and from state to state. There are a few restrictions imposed on the bars like beer bars can sell only beer and maybe wine. Liquor bars can sell everything from hard drinks to beer. There are some restaurants also which serve liquor, they are differentiated from bars serving liquor on the basis of their revenue earning capacity.


A restaurant is a place which takes orders from customers according to their choice of food, prepares and serves them there. Most restaurants are multi-cuisine, eg. Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, sea-food or vegetarian. Some restaurants are specialty restaurants serving a single cuisine which will be very authentic. Restaurants are sometimes attached to hotels to increase their revenue and sometimes they are separate entities. Restaurants are at times clubbed with bars. In single restaurants, food is usually served by buffet system or by a la carte.

The owner of a restaurant is called restaurateur.

Types of Restaurants

There are different types of restaurants like middle-class restaurants which cater to the typical working class of people who come in for a quick grab, with simple food and simple ambience. People can be very casual and non-formal out here. Then there are the expensive or formal restaurants which primarily cater to the elite and lah-di-dah crowd. People are generally very formally dressed in such places.

The A la carte menu is where the customer sits at the table and orders for food from the menu card provided. A waiter takes down the order and in the end the bill is brought at the table. Some restaurants have the maitre d’hotel or master of the hall waiting upon the customers to assign them their tables and cater to their wants. Some restaurants serve alcohol depending on the license.

Some of the different types of restaurants are:

Brasserie or Bristo Restaurants

A brasserie is a French word for a café cum restaurant which has a very informal seating arrangement and no time limit for serving food. Bristo Restaurants contains a single dish or other meals which is served through out the day and on all days. Bristo Restaurants have printed menus and professional service unlike a brist which is a small eating joint with no professional service or printed menu and which serves easy on the pocket menu.

Fast Food Restauants

A quick service restaurant or QSR is also known as fast food restaurant usually serve food which is pre-cooked but heated on order. Fast Food Restauants have seating arrangements and also take away counters. Fast Food Restauants are usually franchise restaurants or part of food chains where food is supplied to them from central locations.


Cafterias Restaurant is no formal dining experience or someone to serve upon. Cafterias Restaurant is more like a self service joint where the cutomer walks up to the counter and orders and picks his food.

Family Style Restaurants

In Family Style restaurants there is a fixed menu and fixed price where diners are seated on tables.

Casual Dining

Casual dining restaurant offers casual food at moderate prices.

Fine Dining

Fine dining restaurants offer a very formal atmosphere. Everything is very sophisticated and elegant; the chefs are from the best culinary schools. The finest of wine is served. Food is served on the best cutlery very artistically. Fine dining restaurants are usually rated 4.

Thus each restaurant and bar tries to offer a unique wining and dining experience to the customers.