Bakersfield Attractions


  • The 58th largest city of US is Bakersfield.
  • If you want to enjoy a long autumn in California then this is the right place you can think about it.
  • It’s one of the sunniest cities in California so you an actually enjoy the spring and the autumn to the fullest in this city.
  • The major occupations include Agriculture and petroleum.

Aim to Visit

Being considered as a desert by many Bakersfield has a lot to be explored by a tourist.


  • Every city has a distinct culture and so does Bakersfield.
  • The Bakersfield attraction is the restaurants with the typical dishes and ingredients of the cuisine.
  • So, if you’re one of those Basque cuisine lovers you know where to go.


  • When you move in the downtown of Bakersfield city you would notice a comparative smaller skyline.
  • One of the taller buildings is of 10 stories.
  • Since, Bakersfield consists of two main streets Truxton Avenue and Chester Avenue, the notable attractions you would find there are:
    • Rabobank arena
    • McMurtrey Aquatic Center,
    • Padre Hotel, the Bakersfield Museum of Art,
    • Historic Fox Theater
    • Nightlife district centered


  • The Kern museum preserves the heritage of the Bakersfield city.
  • Bakersfield has preserves the collection of:
    • regional artifacts
    • the Oil Experience
    • The Lori Brock Children's Discovery Museum and also the style of country music
    • Crystal Palace and Museum- specialty museum

Fox theatre

  • Fox theatre is the best option for all the live shows.
  • Fox theatre is one of those historical theatres in Bakersfield.

Old Town Kern

Located around Bakers street you would find it occupied with homeless people, but a centre of attraction of restaurants.

Kern City

Kern City is the abode for the senior citizens and located in southwest Bakersfield.

Kern River

  • Kern River’s no doubt a good place for all outgoing people.
  • The unique feature of this is that this river does not end into a larger waterbed.
  • Kern River has a beautiful and natural parkway.
  • So, all the nature lovers can enjoy it and also engage themselves in activities such as:
    • cycling
    • walking
    • jogging
    • Horse riding.

Buck Owens Boulevard

  • For any music lover, this is the heart of country’s music scene.
  • While you enjoy the musical vibes you can also spot the Bakersfield sign.
  • Apart from this the other attractions include:
  • Buck Owens Crystal Palace night club
    • Museum
    • Restaurant
    • Bakersfield Beach Park
    • Zingo's Cafe

Buck Owens Crystal Palace

  • You would find the families available in this blend of hall, restaurant and museum.
  • It’s a good place for all those music lovers and Buck fans.


  • Westchester’s a residential area surrounded by Highway 99, 24th street, Chester Ave and Kern River.
  • While moving you would find
    • Kern county museum
    • Sam Lynn Ballpark
    • Garces circle


  • Stockdale industrial park is the attraction for you as it has three commercial streets i.e. California Avenue, Truxtun Avenue, and Stockdale Highway.
  • The attractions are:
    • Truxtun Lake,
    • the Kern River Parkway,
    • The Stockdale Tower.

Southwest Bakersfield

  • Southwest Bakersfield has been the highly developed area.
  • Southwest Bakersfield contains both middle class and upper middle class residents.
  • You would find this area to be most populated of all in Bakersfield.
  • Southwest Bakersfield has High schools, campus parks, and most important the California State University.


  • If you’re interested in shopping and experiencing Riverlakes Ranch then this would be the place you would look forward for.
  • But beware of the traffic for few areas. Rosedale might blow your heads off.

Sports and Entertainment

  • If you’re fond of games then spring is the best time for you to visit Bakersfield. Also the summers bring the ambience for the annual Greek festival in Bakersfield.
  • For all those racers the best time is March. And in autumn the annual Kern county fair draws the attention.
  • A carnival is also a major part of the annual festival.
  • The country music is also one of the things Bakersfield is famous for.
  • The forms vary from the country music to rock and roll, the rock to heavy metal, etc. Football is the most popular sport.

More Attractions

Apart form the mentioned attractions; Bakersfield also has the following attractions:

  • The Great Central Valley
  • Camping World- Factory outlet
  • California Living Museum (CALM)
  • Tehachapi Mountain Range and much more.