Austria Maps

The Republic of Austria or Austria is a country encircled by land on all its sides. Bordered by Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west, Slovenia and Italy to the south; and Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Austria is spread over an area of 83,855 square kilometers. Austria is locates between 46 degree and 50 degree north latitudes; and 9 degrees and 18 degree east longitudes.
Austria houses 8,414,638 people according to 2011 estimate. While German is the official language of Austria, other languages such as Burgenland Croatian, Hungarian and Slovene are also recognized as the official languages.

Austria Highest peak:

The highest peaks in Austria are;

  • Grobglockner- 3,797 meters
  • Wildspitze- 3,768 meters
  • Weibkugel- 3,739 meters
  • Grobvenediger- 3,674 meters
  • Similaun- 3,606 meters
  • Grobes Wiesbachhorn- 3,571 meters.

Austria River

The Danube River of Austria flows through the Austrian principal landmass to get together into the Black Sea and terminate itself.

Austria Climate

A major part of Austria has cool temperate climate in which humid winds dominate. With half of Austria covered by Alps, the alpine climate predominates. The east shows less rainfall than the alpine areas. Although summers are warm, Austria experiences cold winters.

Austria Flora

Austria has a striking collection of plants. Being a forest area, its 44% is occupied with forests. Oak and beech can visible at lower altitudes and conifers, deciduous forests, woos of fir, larch and pine at higher altitudes. Orchids, edelweiss, gentians, alpine, carnations, arnicas, heathers, alpine roses and poppies are commonly found in Austria.

Austria Fauna

Austria also houses animals such as deer, rabbits, foxes, stags, badgers, martens and partridges are commonly found. Alpine animals such as Chamois, groundhogs, eagles and mountain jackdaws dominate the Austrian region. Red-deer stag, fallow-deer stag, mouflon ram, roe-deer buck and wild-boar can be seen all around Austria.

austria map
Map of Austria