Australia Travel

Australia is the world's smallest continent. While Canberra is the capital of Australia, Sydney happens to be the largest city. Official language spoken here is English and it has a population of over 19,855,288 according to the 2006 census. The name of this continent was derived from the Latin word 'Australis', meaning "belonging to the south'. Australia has six states and two major territories and a few minor territories too. Most of Australia is semi arid or desert and are filled with tropical rain forests.


This state has some major tourist attractions and is the seat for many large cities, towns and holiday resorts. The tourist can choose to go for a gold coast holiday or a sunshine coast holiday or just freak out in a tropical north Queensland adventures. The state of Queensland is very big and thus traveling is time consuming.

Barrier reef resorts and other tourist attractions like surfing, sailing, eco tours, hiking, jet boating, whale watching, hot air ballooning, canoeing and sea kayaking attract a number of people to this region from all around the world. there are also theme parks, farm holidays and golf to choose from.

Norfolk Island

During the expeditions and travel of Captain James Cook who discovered this Norfolk Island spoke of this island as the 'paradise'. It is just 5-6 kms wide and is just a speck in the south of pacific. All those who are searching for some peaceful tranquil vacation can choose to come and visit here. It has a national park that offers excellent views of the mountain Pitt and mountain Bates. It has the historic St. Barnabas chapel and is famous for duty free shops and glass bottom boat rides.

However many people are attracted to the Penaly colony at Kingston. This island is the destination which can be visited any season and at all times

The city of Sydney

Sydney is the capital of the state of New South Wales. Whenever Australia comes to the mind the name Sydney flashed through our minds instantly. Many people even think it is Australia's capital city. It is famous for its historic values, beaches and the splendid climate.

The Sydney harbor is known the world over and so is the Sydney opera house and the Sydney harbor bridge. It is also known for its water sports, food and shopping centers like Piccadilly, Royale Arcade, Skygarden, Paddys Market and The Rocks Market etc.