Australia Tourism

Tourism in Australia is a major factor of the economy, with millions of international tourists travel from the Europe to Australia every year. The reason being the enchanting tourist spots scattered all over the continent of Australia, the tours are comparatively less expensive and the culture of the Australians in meeting the requirements of the tourist population by courteous and friendly manner.

Tourism in Australia is ideal for vacations to roam about the nature's wealth in abundance and couples from the European countries of U.K., U.S.A. are finding it as the best place for honeymoon.

Australia geographical features

The Commonwealth of Australia comprises of the mainland, the smallest of all continents and the major island, Tasmania and other islands in the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. Hence this country has been showered with the wealth of the sea like coral reef, rocks, beaches and bay waters as well as mainland by greenery of dense forests, water falls, wild animals and scenic beauties.

Historical Australia

Human inhabitation of this continent is stated to have started nearly 42,000 years ago and the Native Australians are the ancestors of the present day Australian citizens having a unique and distinct culture of civilization mellowed by centuries. Although born out of Anglo-Celtic, the indigenous culture of Australian is rich in tradition and from the last 50 or so years, they have been strongly influenced by the American culture of cinema and television.

Artistically visual arts of Australia are found to have grown up from the caves and paintings owing to their landscape. Aboriginal music traditionally transmitted through generations forms part of contemporary theatrical arts of today in ballets and theaters.

Australia attractions

Australia tourism package should invariably include the following attractions for the international tours:

  • Sydney: This city nicknamed as Australia's "Showcase City", is visited by more than 2.5 million tourists annually. The well known attractions of Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Royal Botanical Gardens, Luna Park, the beaches and Sydney Tower are must-see places.
  • Melbourne: Adjudged as the "Global City" because of its diverse cultural combination, this major city of commerce, industry, cultural activities and sports is filled with a number of tourist attractions.
  • Brisbane: For recreational activities this city is very popular with its Botanical Gardens both colonial and contemporary, Forests and National Parks, Kangaroo point and Wild life sanctuaries more in number feasting the lovers of nature.
  • Tropical North Queensland consists of peninsular cities, a long coastal line and number of islands attracting tourist flow for enjoying sea-shores and their related entertainments.

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