Atlanta Travel

Atlanta is a capital city of the state of Georgia. It is also one of the coolest places in Southern United States and its climate has defiantly helped the city to growth in terms of business and industry. Atlanta offers plenty of work opportunities and its most commercially developed area - which is downtown Atlanta is must see for those who come to visit here.

Atlanta History

Atlanta city's history begins in the late 1830 when it was established as a railway terminus. In course of time, this city became the central point n the US rail system.

The city's is well known for being burnt to the ground during the Union invasion under the Union General William T. Sherman in the American civil war.


The climate in Atlanta is very cool compared to other states in this region. However, roughly speaking during summer it is very hot and humid. Temperatures at this time can go up to 90°F/32°C. In winters the climate is very cold and temperatures are seen to drop drastically. The best time for people to visit here is during spring and the autumn seasons, when nature displays its beauty at its best here.

Places to visit in Atlanta

There are lots of interesting spots for tourists and people who want to get a feel of what this great city is all about. Here is a look at the interesting places to visit while on a trip to Atlanta

World of Coca-Cola

World of Coca-Cola a popular tourist attractions is located at Pemberton Place and visitors can buy tickets to see it through the internet. Once inside visitors are treated to world's largest collection of Coke memorabilia, which is fun and very entertaining. They can taste over 70 different products from this company. Art works done Andy Warhol and Norman Rockwell is also featured here.

Stone Mountain Park

Nature lovers must come to see this beautiful 3,200 acres of land area, abundant in natural beauty that is unique to this area in America. Picnics, Family reunions and fun time with friends are best spent here. Come night time and visitors are treated to fantastic laser light shows and fireworks.

Georgia Aquarium

Visitors are treated to the best underworld beauty here. Georgia Aquarium has more than aquatic animals belonging to over 500 different species. It is divided into five areas which are Georgia Explorer, River Scout, Cold Water Quest, Ocean Voyager and Tropical Diver. The Georgia explore reveals more about the marine life native to this state, while River Scout offers visitor the thrill of an artificial river that runs overhead. Cold Water Quest depicts the beauty of mammals rarely seen in a aquarium setting. In Ocean Voyager visitors get to stunning aquatic animal such as whale sharks. Tropical Diver set a comfortable pace displaying reef fishes and tropical coral reefs.

Margaret Mitchell's home

Readers, writers and those with a romantic heart and a penchant for old movies must come and visit Margaret Mitchell residence. Visitors get to see memorabilia from her days and creative writing courses are conduced for budding writers. Special author readings are also seen to be held here.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Come to see nature at its rarest and its best at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. This serene environment is just the place to come and cool off after a hectic day or spend time with close friends and family members. Visitors can see some very unusual flower varieties are also are treated to special even sic as summer concerts and romantic jazz nights.

Centennial Olympic Park

This park was the venue for the 1996 Olympics and is a must see for people visiting Atlanta. It holds many interesting events and concerts and at the same time offers a quiet solitude amidst the bustle of activity that characterizes Atlanta city.

Underground Atlanta

A visit to Atlanta city is incomplete without a visit to the underground which is the venue for many summer and spring festivals. Balloon rides are also available for those interested and these offer simply the most breathtaking view of this city