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Republic of Armenia or just Armenia is surrounded by land on all the four sides with no access to sea. Armenia is a mountainous country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. This country is the intersection of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Bordered by Georgia to the north, Iran and Azerbaijani to the south, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan to the east and Turkey to the west, the Kingdom of Armenia became the first state to adopt Christianity as its religion early in the 4th Century.

Located at 38 degree and 42 degree North latitudes; and 43 degree and 47 degree east longitudes, the Republic of Armenia has a total population of 3,912,600 and is spread over an area of 11,506 square miles. Armenia is made up of 10 provinces and one city which includes Aragaston, Ararat, Armavir, Geghark’unik’, Kotayk, Lorri, Shirak, Syunik, Tavush, Vayots’ Dzor and Yerevan.

Armenia Highest peak

The highest peak of Armenia is Mountain Aragats standing tall at 13,418 ft above the sea level.

Armenia Lakes:

The largest in Armenia is Lake Sevan with 6,000 ft above the sea level. Other substantial lakes include the Aras, Debet and Razdan.

Armenia Climate:

Armenia experiences continental climate wherein the summers are dry and sunny with the temperature fluctuating between 22 and 36 degree Celsius. While it is partly humid, the evening breeze gives a refreshing effect. Armenia experiences short springs while rainfalls are long with colorful autumn.

Armenia Flora:

Armenia has dry semi-dessert species of flowers, palms, cacti and a rain forest.

Armenia Fauna:

Armenia has semi-dessert species insects and forest inhabitants like bears and wolfs and rich biological diversity of wild life.

armenia map
Map of Armenia