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Arkansas State Transportation

Arkansas Transportation Introduction

To anyone who is about to visit Arkansas, it is essential to have some idea about the transport infrastructure. It is the objective here to do just that – having gone through this article, one should have a clear picture of how to get at different places in Arkansas during a visit to this state. Listed below are the main means of transportation and other transport-related issues in the state of Arkansas.


The roads are very well developed in Arkansas. This makes automobiles the most preferred means of transport. However, there are many airports in Arkansas and air travel is a very convenient way of getting around. The Little Rock Arkansas airport is the international airport of the state. It has seven big airlines transporting millions of people to different destinations every year. The other airports are the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport close to Bentonville, the Texarkana Regional Airport and the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport.

List of Airports in Arkansas

City Served FAA IATA ICAO Airport Name Role Enpl.
Commercial Service - Primary Airports
Fayetteville XNA XNA KXNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport P-S 547,871
Fort Smith FSM FSM KFSM Fort Smith Regional Airport P-N 85,095
Little Rock LIT LIT KLIT Little Rock National Airport (Adams Field) P-S 1,181,846
Texarkana TXK TXK KTXK Texarkana Regional Airport (Webb Field) P-N 29,820
Reliever Airports
North Little Rock ORK   KORK North Little Rock Municipal Airport R 4
West Memphis AWM AWM KAWM West Memphis Municipal Airport R 44
General Aviation Airports
Almyra M73     Almyra Municipal Airport GA  
Arkadelphia M89     Dexter B. Florence Memorial Field GA  
Ash Flat CVK   KCVK Sharp County Regional Airport GA  
Augusta M60     Woodruff County Airport GA  
Batesville BVX BVX KBVX Batesville Regional Airport GA 4
Benton SUZ   KSUZ Saline County Regional Airport GA  
Bentonville VBT   KVBT Bentonville Municipal Airport (Louise M. Thaden Field) GA 12
Berryville 4M1     Carroll County Airport GA  
Blytheville BYH BYH KBYH Arkansas International Airport (formerly Blytheville AFB) GA 23
Blytheville HKA HKA KHKA Blytheville Municipal Airport GA 1
Brinkley M36     Frank Federer Memorial Airport GA  
Calico Rock 37T     Calico Rock - Izard County Airport GA  
Camden CDH CDH KCDH Harrell Field GA  
Carlisle 4M3     Carlisle Municipal Airport GA  
Clarendon 4M8     Clarendon Municipal Airport GA  
Clarksville H35     Clarksville Municipal Airport GA  
Clinton CCA   KCCA Clinton Municipal Airport GA  
Conway CWS   KCWS Dennis F. Cantrell Field GA 5
Corning 4M9     Corning Municipal Airport GA  
Crossett CRT CRT KCRT Z. M. Jack Stell Field GA  
Danville 32A     Danville Municipal Airport GA  
De Queen DEQ   KDEQ J. Lynn Helms Sevier County Airport GA  
De Witt 5M1     De Witt Municipal Airport GA  
Dumas 0M0     Billy Free Municipal Airport GA  
El Dorado ELD ELD KELD South Arkansas Regional Airport at Goodwin Field GA 511
Fayetteville FYV FYV KFYV Fayetteville Executive Airport (Drake Field) GA 1,480
Flippin FLP FLP KFLP Marion County Regional Airport GA 2
Fordyce 5M4     H. L. Hopkins - Fordyce Municipal Airport GA  
Forrest City FCY FCY KFCY Forrest City Municipal Airport GA  
Harrison HRO HRO KHRO Boone County Airport GA 1,903
Heber Springs HBZ   KHBZ Heber Springs Municipal Airport GA  
Helena-West Helena HEE HEE KHEE Thompson-Robbins Airport GA 25
Hope M18     Hope Municipal Airport GA  
Horseshoe Bend 6M2     Horseshoe Bend Airport GA  
Hot Springs HOT HOT KHOT Hot Springs Memorial Field Airport GA 1,382
Jonesboro JBR JBR KJBR Jonesboro Municipal Airport GA 1,339
Lake Village M32     Lake Village Municipal Airport GA  
Magnolia AGO AGO KAGO Magnolia Municipal Airport GA  
Malvern M78     Malvern Municipal Airport GA  
Manila MXA MXA KMXA Manila Municipal Airport GA  
Marianna 6M7     Marianna/Lee County Airport (Steve Edwards Field) GA  
Marked Tree 6M8     Marked Tree Municipal Airport GA  
Marshall 4A5     Searcy County Airport GA  
McGehee 7M1     McGehee Municipal Airport GA  
Melbourne 42A     Melbourne Municipal Airport (John E. Miller Field) GA  
Mena MEZ   KMEZ Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport GA 25
Monticello LLQ   KLLQ Monticello Municipal Airport (Ellis Field) GA  
Morrilton BDQ   KBDQ Morrilton Municipal Airport GA  
Morrilton MPJ MPJ KMPJ Petit Jean Park Airport GA  
Mount Ida 7M3     Bearce Airport GA  
Mountain Home BPK WMH KBPK Ozark Regional Airport (was Baxter County Regional) GA 46
Nashville M77     Howard County Airport GA  
Newport M19     Newport Municipal Airport GA 28
Osceola 7M4     Osceola Municipal Airport GA  
Ozark 7M5     Ozark - Franklin County Airport GA  
Paragould PGR PGR KPGR Kirk Field GA 29
Paris / Subiaco 7M6     Paris Municipal Airport GA  
Piggott 7M7     Piggott Municipal Airport GA  
Pine Bluff PBF PBF KPBF Grider Field GA 35
Pocahontas M70     Pocahontas Municipal Airport (Nick Wilson Field) GA  
Rogers ROG ROG KROG Rogers Municipal Airport (Carter Field) GA 119
Russellville RUE   KRUE Russellville Regional Airport (was Russellville Municipal) GA 54
Searcy SRC SRC KSRC Searcy Municipal Airport GA 24
Sheridan 9M8     Sheridan Municipal Airport GA  
Siloam Springs SLG SLG KSLG Smith Field GA 1
Springdale ASG SPZ KASG Springdale Municipal Airport GA 5
Stuttgart SGT SGT KSGT Stuttgart Municipal Airport GA 14
Waldron M27     Waldron Municipal Airport GA  
Walnut Ridge ARG ARG KARG Walnut Ridge Regional Airport GA  
Warren 3M9     Warren Municipal Airport GA  
Wynne M65     Wynne Municipal Airport GA  
Other Public-Use Airports (not listed in NPIAS)
Bald Knob M74     Bald Knob Municipal Airport    
Booneville 4M2     Booneville Municipal Airport   1
Clinton 2A2     Holley Mountain Airpark   4
Decatur 5M5     Crystal Lake Airport    
Dermott 4M5     Dermott Municipal Airport    
El Dorado F43     Downtown Airport    
Eureka Springs 5A5     Silver Wings Field    
Garfield 4A8     Lost Bridge Village Airport    
Gurdon 5M8     Gurdon Airport (Lowe Field)    
Hampton 0R6     Hampton Municipal Airport    
Hazen 6M0     Hazen Municipal Airport    
Holly Grove 2A6     Holly Grove Municipal Airport    
Huntsville H34     Huntsville Municipal Airport    
Lakeview 3M0     Gastons Airport    
McCrory 7M0     McCrory / Morton Airport    
Mountain View 7M2     Mountain View Airport (Harry E. Wilcox Memorial Field)    
Prescott 4F7     Kizer Field    
Rector 7M8     Rector Airport    
Salem 7M9     Salem Airport    
Sherrill 99A     Smith's International Airport    
Star City 55M     Star City Municipal Airport    
Stephens 4F8     Wilson Airport    
Weiner 8M2     Sally Wofford Airport    
Other Military Airports
Camp Robinson / Little Rock RBM   KRBM Robinson Army Airfield    
Fort Chaffee AZU   KAZU Arrowhead Assault Strip    
Jacksonville LRF LRF KLRF Little Rock Air Force Base   622
Notable Former Airports
Benton M99     Saline County Airport (Watts Field)    

Bike paths in Arkansas

This is a unique feature of Arkansas. Bicycling vacations are very popular and it is one of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauty of this state. The Northwest bike trails are some of the most popular trails, located in the back roads of the Ozarks. There are several state parks, three national forests and city parks which provide a labyrinth of biking paths for a bicycle enthusiast. In fact the Syllamo and Womble Trails have international recognition from the International Mountain Biking Association. Other well-known biking trails are the Arkansas River Trail and the Mississippi River Trail.

Public Transport in Arkansas:

  • Bus Transport:  There is a well-established bus system which transports tourists and commuters all over the state for most of the year, but it may be restricted during certain times of the year due to snow and extreme weather in the winter months. However what one must keep in mind is that there are different lines demarcated by different colors. Much information is available online and if one is to travel by bus, it would do well to have some previous knowledge of the services and routes available. The buses are very comfortable and certain buses have bicycle racks for storing bicycles. There are also lifts fitted in the buses for handicapped people.

  • Rail Transport: Most of the state is well connected with the railways today, and it is a viable alternative to air or road transport. Rail travel is favored by tourists, because it gives an opportunity to see a lot of scenic beauty of the Arkansan countryside in a leisurely way. The Arkansas Railway is one of the main railways of the state. The lines literally criss-cross all over the state and connect all major cities and towns. The railway system is very well-developed and is used by locals and tourists alike. Some of the major cities linked by railways are Little Rock, Hardy, Arkadelphia, Forest City, and so on. The railway service operates all the year round and there are online timetables available for easy travel. Some of the other major railways are the Missouri Railroad, the Northern Arkansas Railroad, Arkansas Midland Railroad and Arkansas Oklahoma Railroad, just to name a few.

  • Roads and Car Rentals: The roads and highways network is very well developed in Arkansas. There are several national highways and scenic roads which makes traveling by road in this state a worthwhile experience. As the old adage goes, “you get what you pay for”.  So if you are looking for a bit of comfort and an exclusive traveling experience, then you need to spend a little extra and rent a car for traveling around by road. There is a wide range of car rentals to choose from with an equally wide range of choices to suit every pocket. There is a lot of information on the internet regarding car rentals and all the tourist offices also provide a lot of information. Some of the car rental companies which operate in Arkansas are Hertz, Alamo, Budget, and Avis.

  • Overlanding: This is an aspect to transportation rarely considered, but however quite a relevant one. Overlanding means using your own vehicle. If you live in a neighboring state, you can just put your bags into your car, pickup and cross over the border. While in Arkansas, you will see several vehicles with out-of-state number plates, and this is what most of them are doing. The advantages are many – the main one being accessibility to remote areas without the hassle having to make elaborate travel arrangements. However, if one is going to travel in this way, it calls for lots of preparation, but the resulting experience can be quite rewarding.

So it is a fact that anyone who visits the state of Arkansas will be able to get around easily. What one has to keep in mind is the location, and hence a sensible choice has to be made as to which means of transport will be the most convenient and suitable for traveling to that location. What is very clear is that, the transport system of Arkansas is very well developed and one can expect a comfortable and leisurely stay while traveling around in this state.