Arkansas Attractions

Arkansas Attractions

Arkansas Attractions Introduction

The state of Arkansas is one of diverse topography – plains, mountains and rivers and lakes, create a great potential for people to want to visit this state. Linked with interesting locations, several attractions are to be found which allow equally interesting activities. Listed below are a few of the attractions of this beautiful American state.

Arkansas Lakes

Arkansas has 11 major lakes and hundreds of smaller lakes all over the state. The fishing lakes of Arkansas are very well known. They are among the cleanest in the world and very well kept. The crystal clear water offers a unique experience for scuba diving and underwater photography.

The infinite variety of underwater flora and fauna make it a haven of photography and fishing. Other activities include all types of boating including houseboats, water skiing and parasailing. Some of the major lakes in Arkansas are Lake Dardanelle, Cove, Blue Mountain, Shores, Lake Sylvia and Ozark.

Arkansas Forests

According to the Arkansas Forest Association, the total area covered by forest in Arkansas is 33.3 million acres. Thus, the majority of the land mass is forest. This makes the land very appealing to nature lovers of all types. Some important national forests are Ouachita and Ozark. There are various activities available in these forests like bird watching, hiking trails, camping, and wildlife photography expeditions and so on. For example, the Albert Pike Campground set on the Little Missouri River has 54 units and is equipped with modern restrooms, electricity and water supply which offer a memorable camping experience for outdoors enthusiasts.

Arkansas Mountains and Hills

There are innumerable mountains in the state of Arkansas. A few of the prominent mountains are Ozark, Ouachita, Magazine Mountain, Signal Hill and Black Fork Mountain. Some of the popular activities which can be done are whitewater paddling, hiking, and mountain biking. A word can also be mentioned here about the famous waterfalls of this state. As there are abundant mountains and rivers, so there are several beautiful natural waterfalls. Some of the main waterfalls are Little Missouri Falls, Cedar Falls, Catherine State Park Falls, Triple Falls, Eden Falls and Falling Waterfalls. There are several famous trails for hikers such as the Mount Magazine – Cove Lake Trail and the Huckleberry Mountain Horse Trail.

Arkansas Hot Springs

A special mention can be made about Hot Springs city in Garland County of Arkansas. It is named after the numerous natural hot springs which provide sparklingly clear hot water at about 64°C (147°F). The Hot Springs National Park is the most well known there and the Fordyce Bathhouse is a worthwhile landmark which is a huge complex which provides spa activities of all sorts. President Roosevelt is known to have visited the Fordyce Bathhouse in 1936.

Arkansas National Parks

A visitor to the state of Arkansas would do well to obtain a list of national parks. Due to the mountains, lakes and forests of this region, there are several national parks and wildlife reserves. Some of the preserved reserves and national parks are Pea Ridge, Buffalo National River, Fort Smith National Historic Site, Little Rock, Hot Springs National Park and Arkansas Post National Memorial. There are regular programs held at these places. For example, at the Arkansas Post National Memorial, there are programs on nature appreciation.

Arkansas Historical Sites

Arkansas is a state with a rich history, and therefore there are hundreds of historical sites and memorials to visit, of which just a few are given below:

Albert Pike’s School House: Albert Pike was a Freemason, Confederate general and a poet and writer. The schoolhouse has been restored to its original form and various signs tell the story of Albert Pike.

The Battle of Cane Hill:  It is one of the oldest areas. It is the site where on the 28th of November 1862, Confederate soldiers were attacked by 5000 Union soldiers.

Fayetteville National Cemetery: Though originally formed for the relocation, and burial of soldiers from the battlefields in the Civil War, today it is a final resting place for American soldiers of all ranks.

The Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Railway (ES&NA): This is for train enthusiasts who have a passion for experiencing what train travel was like in the days gone by. Even though train travel has become less popular today, at Eureka Springs, time just stands still with its railways.

Fort Smith Museum: Located in the town of Fort Smith, this museum has an exhaustive collection of artifacts from early American History to modern history. The museum also offers a payable trolley ride through the town providing interesting historical facts about the history of Fort Smith.

The Trail of Tears: Between 1830 and 1840, the U.S. government forcibly relocated tens of thousands of Native American Indians from the area of the Mississippi river to Oklahoma. Thousands of Indians died in the long journey through sun, rain and snow, and the bones of the Indians who died on the way are still to be found along the route of this trail.


Thus it becomes quite apparent that Arkansas is a state which is much worth its while. A visit to this state would now be much more meaningful, with a little background information about what attractions one should look out for.

Arkansas Attractions List

  1. Great Passion Play Theme Park
  2. Boggy Creek Monster
  3. Snake World
  4. Dinosaur World
  5. Raven Statue
  6. Birth Place of Wal-Mart
  7. Hot Springs

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