Do & Don'ts in Arizona

There are several do’s and don’ts associated with different activities. Some of them discussed below.

Do & Don’ts in Arizona of Holiday Rules of the Road:

  • On account of holidays, there might be a small celebration in office and you had a glass of wine or a celebratory shot at a friend’s party before leaving for home. So it is advisable to inform your wife or children always so that you never get fixed in an undesirable situation. Some of the things which you must know about the Holiday Rules of the Road are:
  • Avoid driving after drinking. Although it is not illegal to drink and drive but it is illegal to drive while impaired.
  • In case you are stopped and pulled over by a law officer at the time of driving during holidays, then avoid being harsh and rude to him or her rather show respect and be courteous.
  • In case the conduct of the officer is not professional and courteous then also avoid reciprocating.
  • It is advisable to present driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration when you are asked for. If you are not under custody, then ask politely to leave and walk away.
  • If in case you are detained then do not answer any question neither give any consent to a search of person, vehicle or property. Also avoid giving any consent to any field sobriety tests. In such a caseit is advisable to civilly and immediately request to speak with your attorney. This is your constitutional right and you must be aware of it.
  • It is the right of the person in Arizona, to protect him from any unreasonable searches and seizures; everyone has the right to attorney and defends themselves by collecting exculpatory evidence in the given time frame.
  • It is the thumb rule for the holiday rules of the road that if a person you know or you are arrested and charged with the offense of DUI then you have the right to an attorney, to have a trial by jury in order to challenge the evidences that are presented against you and place the evidence on your behalf.

If in case you are you are not able to collect the evidence and get the benefit from the counsel of your attorney at the most essential time, that is the time of contract and arrest, then you will be at the major loss.