Arizona Culture

Culture in Arizona

Arizona has a unique culture, which comprises mostly of Western culture AND has its roots from the culture of U.S. as the state of Arizona is a southwestern state, its culture is largely influenced by the huge population which have migrated there, especially the Latin Americans. It is for the same reason Arizona has become a hub of U.S. character and several high tech organizations operate from there.

Features of Culture in Arizona

Arizona is considered as a conservative state in terms of national politics and socio-cultural mores. It is essentially a Purple State, due to its acceptance of alternative culture but at the same time maintaining the values of American Christians.
Arizona has been a subject of attraction and interest among people, as it is considered as a paradise. It is for the same reason that in the early 20th century, the efforts of local boosters and state government considered it as an ideal location for resorts. This was because the state is dry and sunny all the year around and has an easy access to mountains as well.

Diverse Culture in Arizona:

The diversity in the culture of Arizona derived from the people who migrated to this place and later settled over there. Like:

  • Indians, most of them now live on reservations now
  • Movement of Anglos from the Midwest, they moved to this place due to the favorable climate of South U.S.
  • Similarly the movement of Hispanics from Sonora to current northern Mexico
  • Black people from South Africa along with the Texians

It is for the same reason that most part of the Arizona has Native American culture and there several reservations in this culture as well. These reservations can be easily noticed in the festivals which are organized annually. The music, dance, costumes used in these festivals are very beautiful and unique.

At the same time, Mexican culture is also very strongly present in the country along with the large colonies of Hispanic people. It is for the same reason that the stores have all the items right from clothes, jewelry to traditional pottery of all the cultures. Real authentic Mexican food is also available in some of the restaurants of some particular area. Sometimes Mexican carnivals are also organized where people enjoy good music, dance and food.

Five Cs in Culture of Arizona:

The five Cs in the culture of Arizona are Citrus, Cotton, Cooper, Cattle and Climate. All these five things are the traditional economic interests of the state as they are found in abundance in the entire state, except for the copper as coal mines are mostly found in the South and oil drilling wells are in Texas in particular.