Argentina Maps

Argentine Republic or just Argentina is the second largest country in South America. Argentina is surrounded by Andes mountain range in the west and Atlantic Ocean in the east. It shares borders with Paraguay and Bolivia to the north, Chile to the west and south, Brazil and Uruguay to the northeast.

Argentina is spread over an area of 2,766,891.2 square kilometers, of which 30,200 square kilometers is water. The land of Argentina consists of four major regions: the fertile central plains of the Pampas, the oil-rich southern plateau Tierra del Fuego, the Gran Chaco, and the irregular surfaced Andes mountains.

Argentina Highest peak

The highest peak of Argentina is Aconcagua which is 6,920 above the sea level. It is also the highest point in the Southern and Western Hemisphere. The lowest point of Argentina is Laguna del Carbon which is -105 meters below the sea level being the lowest point in South America.

Argentina Rivers

The major rivers of Argentina are Parana, the Pilcomayo, Bermejo, Colorado, Rio Negro, Paraguay, Salado and the Uruguay. There are various large lakes in Argentina including Argentino, Viedma, Nahuel Huapi, Fagnano, Colhue Huapi and Musters.

Argentina Climate

The climate in Argentina ranges from subtropical in the north to the subpolar in the far south. North experiences hot, humid summers with mild dry winters subjected to droughts. The south experiences warm summers and cold winters accompanied with heavy rainfall especially in the mountain areas.

Argentina Flora

Argentina grows more than 10% of the world’s flora species. The grasslands of Argentina are world famous in cattle industry. While evergreen beaches and Parana pine are common, the national drink is immortalized from Yerba Mate.

Argentina Fauna

Capybara, Coypu, Puma and various other wild cats can be found easily in Argentina. Many types of rodents can be spotted in the grasslands, while cavy, viscacha, tuco tuco, armadillo, otter, weasel, nutria, hog-nosed skunk and opossum are common. Caimans, frogs, lizards, snakes and turtles can be found everywhere in Argentina. This place also houses the Dorado, a fine game fish, the pejerrey, corvine, palameta, pacu and zurubi can be commonly found in the rivers of Argentina.

argentina map
Map of Argentina