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The principality of the Valleys of Andorra or just Andorra is a small landlocked country in the southwestern Europe. Andorra is located in the eastern Pyrenees Mountains and bordered by France and Spain. Andorra is the sixth smallest nation in Europe having an area of 181 square miles with an estimated population of 83,888 as per the 2009 estimates.

While the official language is Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese and French are also commonly spoken. Andorra is located at 42 degrees and 30 degrees north latitudes; and 1 degree 30 degrees east longitudes. Andorra consists of seven Parishes namely Andorra la Vella, Canillo, Encamp, Escaldes-Engordany, La Massana, Ordino, and Sant Julia de Loria.

Andorra Highest peak

The highest peak of Andorra is Coma Pedrosa at 2,942 meters and the average peak being 1,996 meters.

Andorra Climate

Andorra experiences climate of typical high mountains and continental climate. Andorra has more snow in winter with lower humidity and slightly cool climate in summers.

Andorra Flora

The flora of Andorra is similar to that found in France and Spain. While green oaks are common, chestnut and walnut trees can only be seen on Sant Julia de Loria. Andorra has carnations, violets, blackberries, wild strawberries, moss, bellflowers and daisies. The grass is plentiful in Andorra during summer. The higher regions and valleys in Andorra experience pines, firs and other different forms of subalpine and alpine flora.

Andorra Fauna

Foxes, martens, wolves, hares, vultures, eagles, bears; Pyrenean chamois, rabbits, wild ducks and geese can be found in isolated areas of Andorra. The mountains contain brochet, crayfish and trout.

andorra map
Map of Andorra